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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

what we saw

Downtown Perry consists of about 
6 small blocks of local businesses.
As in many small towns, the courthouse
 is in the center of town. 
This is actually the "old" courthouse... 
several years ago, a new, bigger one
 was built a few miles away.

Main Street is not the "main street".
That honor belongs to Carroll Street
which runs alongside the courthouse.
It is tree-lined with brick sidewalks,

 lamp posts and flowers...

 lush plants...

and pretty shops with unique names.

 It's been a long time since I've seen a barber poll!

This lovely old home has been converted into 
a restaurant..."The Swanson House."
Three years ago, my daughter and I
 hosted a bridal luncheon here.
The owner was so kind and accommodating
and the meal was delicious.
 It was a lovely setting for a special event.

 This inviting little patio would be a great place to 
eat take-out or drink a cup of coffee.

After a stroll down Carroll, we were off to 
do that "shop-hopping" I mentioned.
More on that next time! :-)


  1. would it be fair for an anniversary trip to consist of doing something only I like? (Shopping!)

  2. Beautiful little town, Debbie. When we used to drive a few times a year from home to Jacksonville, FL to visit my brother who was in a nursing home there, we'd stay off of the interstates and drive through the small towns in GA. There was a time which I wanted to collect courthouses (photos) across GA... There are so many lovely ones in that state...

    Glad that you and your friend are having a great time.

  3. Looks like I have the go-ahead to announce another special occasion for the bride whose bridal luncheon you and Amanda hosted at the Swanson House three years ago. (It was such a special time!)
    She's in her second trimester and feels that it's safe now to say that they are expecting!

  4. What a pretty place. It looks like it could be Mitford. Have you ever been to Blowing Rock?
    I haven't thought of that place until I was reading your post and that just popped in my head. I bet it was fun to look at things. I can't wait to see more photos.

  5. what a cute, quaint place!! my kinda town!!


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