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Monday, August 20, 2012

ahoy koi!

 When our 30 year old son was a young teenager, he and the Hubby decided they wanted a koi pond. They started with a small black plastic pond and after a year or two, they built this one. After a few more years, the liner tore, so it had to be replaced and about two year ago, the Hubby replaced some of the timbers because they were beginning to rot. It has been the home to Koi and well as butterfly goldfish.

In the spring and summer, I keep a planter of impatiens here.
It must be the perfect place for them because they always thrive.

 The Hubby bought this last week.
I wonder if he will catch anything?

 And he bought this today...isn't it cute?
Kmart has their yard stuff on clearance so he is in heaven!

Mr. Frog has lived at our pond for many years.
 Our daughter made it when she took ceramics
 at the rec dept when she was in 3rd-4th grade.
 She is 25 now, so that tells you how old he is!

The palms are tall and strong and green!

 This piece of driftwood has been around for a long time.
It came from the marsh close to my SIL's house.

 There's more impatiens in the hanging baskets.

And a small gardenia plant that Hubby
 rooted from our bigger one is blooming.

When the pump is running to aerate the water,
 we have a little waterfall.
I love the way it sounds...so sooothing!


The upper pond is full of water hyacinths right now.


And they are blooming...lovely!

The water isn't clear enough right now to really see the fish. 
That's for another post!
The pond is a little work, but it has brought a lot of enjoyment. 
Our grands like feeding the fish and sometimes...when they are feeling really brave...
 they will let the fish bump their hands!
I think it makes our back yard a little more special!


  1. The results of all that labor are very pleasant. It must be fun to add some new touches and see the plants thrive...

  2. Looks wonderful I have always wanted one. sandie

  3. What a neat little pond... AND--I love your plants around the pond--and all of your little 'yard art'... That froggie is adorable!!!!! I love Koi and little Goldfish--and their beautiful colors. That is just super!!!!!

  4. It's still pretty...and the plants are great.

  5. What a fun back yard water feature...with fish, plants, and garden art!

  6. so very pretty!! i really like unnecessary yard art/ornaments!!

  7. What a great peek into your garden. A lovely little pond!

  8. I love your pond, I have always wanted one.
    Yours looks so nice and cool.


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