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Thursday, August 16, 2012

where we ate

The hotel has a lovely dining room where
we ate dinner one night and breakfast one morning.
The dinner fare is Southern home cooking.
Typically, that would not be my choice
 for eating out because that is what we eat at home!
But, it was a pretty place and the food was delicious...
homemade and very fresh.
The waitress was kind enough to take our photo!
(in case you don't know, I am the one on the right!)

 We went to Macon (a city north of Perry) on Friday
 to shop at Payne Mill. We had lunch
 at this cute little place downtown.

The decor is vintage and "girlie"...

but there were gentlemen eating there, too!

I had the trio salad...tuna, chicken and crab.

My friend had chicken salad and apple salad.
The apple salad was made with whipped cream 
instead of mayo....interesting and different.

 Back in Perry, we had dinner here.
Our meals were delicious and HUGE!

 Lunch Saturday was here. I noticed when I was taking
 the picture of the menu that the name of the restaurant 
is not on it, Can you guess...it's an Italian chain?

Olive Garden! We ordered the Chicken Moscata.
It was interesting but I probably won't order it again.
The flavor of the Moscata wine in the glaze wasn't a hit
with either one of us. But that is okay,...it was fun trying
something different from my usual alfredo!

So, that about covers our adventure except for what I bought.
Besides the "Little Bear" book, I bought a glass pitcher,
 a glass sugar and creamer set,
and a cute little dress for Little L!
In other words, I did more looking than shopping.
I told my friend, sometimes I wish I had a
 little cottage somewhere that I could decorate
 with all the lovely things we see. 
It would have to be a place that I could just visit. 
Where I live has to be more practical and functional!
Hmmm....it is fun to imagine!


  1. Always fun to imagine. I'm hungry!!

  2. i am always most interested in the food ;)))

  3. Of course we wanted to see where you ate:) Fun places...yummy looking food.

  4. That looked good - I've been to Macon and Perry - with the big peach. sandie


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