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Friday, August 3, 2012

can you say... queen size?

Hubby and I went furniture shopping, well, looking today. We have decided after 39 years of marriage to upgrade to a queen size bed. I know, I know... we are the only couple in the world still sleeping in a full size bed! I can't tell you how many times I've heard something similar to that! :-)

There are many pretty choices.....



 poster beds...

sleigh beds...

simple dressers and

 dressers with "marble type" tops.

We got some prices and plan to look some more.
We've waited this long... no need to hurry now!! :-)


  1. Are you sure you don't want to just go ahead and get Kingsize? I suppose it depends on your room size.

  2. Ellen, that would be nice, but our room won't accommodate it....if we want to have room to walk around it!!ha! ha!

  3. Laughing...because I think my parents just "graduated" to a queen size about 10 years ago, which would put them on a very close schedule to you (right around 40 years of marriage). They were kind enough to put a queen size in their guest room, too.

    Are the pictures you posted the ones you're deciding from? Are you taking votes?! (I like the very first picture.)

    And reading this post reminded me that we just (today) bought a brand-new queen-size comforter set to replace our old one that's ... oh, probably older than my parents' queen-size bed! I'm going to go make our new bed! Maybe I'll post a pic next week.

    Happy shopping!

  4. So glad you are shopping around and will be queen-for-a-day (and lots of nights) very soon! Saige and David are still in a full size, but they are only celebrating their thirteenth anniversary in a few weeks. They'd love a queen size too - maybe they can get one before their 39th anniversary =)!

  5. Wow, that is so nice, I have had a king size bed since the beginning. But now when we go somewhere and if we have to stay in a full bed I like it best because I am closer. The good thing about a full bed is you don't have to pay an arm and leg for sheets and pillow cases and comforters. You can change any time you like. That I think would be very nice. In the mean time have fun. :)

  6. We had a queen size for the first 30 years of marriage...and then moved up to King. But we quite enjoy the 'full-size' in our RV as well...nice and cozy! Enjoy your new bed...whichever one you decide on.

  7. I like the sleigh beds as well...they look more like you to me.


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