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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

on the job

A week ago on July 31st, I celebrated 12 years
 of working for the kind doctor.
 I've talked about my job here a few times,
 but I realized that I have never shown you where I work.
So, I will give you the "nickel" tour!
This is the office from the outside.
It is an  attractive building...

 ...and landscapers keep it looking pretty and well-kept.
There is always something blooming...
pansies, begonias, and whatever this is...
I'm not sure! :-)

 These are the front doors opening into the waiting room.

The receptionist's window where patients check in...

 ...and the television they can watch while they wait. 
We play DVDs of nature, travel etc. rather than choosing a
 network channel.

This is the desk where patients check out.
You can see two of my co-workers
hard at work!

This is the nurse's station where paperwork is done, 
phone calls are made and where the medical assts.
hang out when there is a lull between patients...
which isn't very often!

A "few" of the charts that I am responsible for...
the Ts through the Zs.
Notice the handle on the front...
when I turn it, that section of the wall moves 
to the left for easy access to the next section. 
There are two moving sections.

There I am at my desk...posing and
not working hard at all!

 I have a nice view while working...
pictures of my precious family!

We have an esthetician who does glycolic washes
and micro-dremabrasion one day a week in this room.

And these are the skin care products we sell.

 This is information central...the window
of the office manager's office.
The calendar is there so everyone knows when a member of the
 staff is going to be off, when the office is closed,
 or when medical students will be in the office
"shadowing" the doctor and the PAs.
Other memos are posted there as well.

We also have a laser for hair removal
 and spider vein treatments...forgot to take a picture of that! 

So, there you have it!! Now you know where I spend 
my mornings...and sometimes part of my afternoons.
It is a great place to work and
 I have the best job in the place!! :-)


  1. It's really nice to love your job and workplace!!

  2. I loved the tour - but why did I think you were retired? sandie

  3. IDK, Sandie. I've talked about my job ...I think you just have too many people to keep up with! ha! ha! Besides, I am too young to retire! :-)

  4. a beautiful place to work and that is a very large waiting room and many chairs, so it but be a big and busy practice. i like the shot of you.

  5. Very interesting. 12 years is a good long time and you still like it.
    It looks like a nice place to work.


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