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Sunday, August 26, 2012

those blooming azaleas!

We've had azaleas in our yard since
 we moved to this house in 1976.
They bloom in the spring for 2-3 weeks.
 They are pretty, but just short-lived.

Earlier this year, Hubby's sister told him about
Encore azaleas. They bloom in the spring,
 but continue to bloom through the summer.

So, we bought some and planted them about a month ago. 
And guess what, she was right!!
The plants are small and there are only 
a few blooms so far, but they are lovely.
It makes me smile to see them!
Don't know who developed this new "breed" of azalea...
but he/she is a genius! :-)


  1. Those are pretty! I've never heard of ones that bloom all summer. Great idea to send the boxes to the troops!

  2. my mother had azaleas on 3 sides of the house, she loved them, but was sad they only bloomed a short time. i went over for sunday dinner with family, it was in the fall and out mothers kitchen window the azalea was in full bloom. i walked out to see the wonder of it all and she had wired fake plastic flowers all over that bush. she would love the ones you bought

  3. I'm with you about smiling when you see a plant bloom! We recently revamped a couple flower beds, and I'm so pleased to see that the pampering I'm giving the new plants in our continuing heat is paying off, because they're looking perky and promising to put on a great show next year.

    Enjoy your late summer blooms!

  4. Wow you've lived in the same house since 1976...that's pretty cool. I'll have to look into that variety of azalea for next year.

  5. Very pretty flowers. I love azaleas.

  6. Re-bloomers are great, Debbie. We have reblooming Irises now --and they are terrific. We also have reblooming Day Lilies.... You will enjoy your Azaleas!!!!

    You asked about Anna Ruby Falls. We have been there twice --and loved it. If you go to my sidebar and go to my search button, type in Anna Ruby Falls --and that blog post will come up..

    Please send me your email.. I like to respond to questions through email... Thanks... My email is betsyadams@mac.com.


  7. I keep trying to grow an Encore azalea over on the east side of my house ... they just never seem to make it (of course, the one that didn't make it this year didn't stand a chance with the heat and the drought). We lost a couple of small plants in front (north side of our house) this summer ... maybe I should try an Encore azalea there?


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