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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the wedding....decor

The sky was threatening as we drove up
 to The Barn At High Point...
the venue for our older son's wedding
 Saturday morning.  
Before long, the rain shower began.
 But it was brief, only a few 
minutes. Then the clouds passed,
 the sun broke out and the
 glorious blue sky smiled down on us!
 A perfect day!

The bride and her mom did an amazing job
 of planning and creating the decor.

The reception was held in this barn.

The ceremony was just outside the barn
...a beautiful setting.

Rose petals lined the aisle...

 ... and shepherd's hooks held mason jars
filled with lovely flowers.
( I would pick the one that was tilted to 

 A bucket of wishing wands...remember those?

There were 14 tables...each with it's own
 unique decorations.
 The runners were burlap and lace.
Each table had pictures of the
 bride and groom
 and a Scrabble rack with words
 like love, forever, memories, etc.
 spelled on them.
Caught our oldest grandgirl snitching
 a Hershey kiss before the ceremony! :-)

 The "toasting" table.

 The wedding cake display.

Isn't it beautiful? And it was delicious...
white cake with strawberries between the layers !

 The chalkboard told their story...
love that idea! Notice the dates...exactly one year!

The "lemonade stand"!

 And bottled soft drinks.

 Looking into the barn from the outside...

 ...and looking out from the inside.

 The crowd is gathering and the ceremony is about to begin.

Those pictures next time! :-)


  1. Oh so wonderful. I'm glad the weather held out for you. We are going to a barn wedding on May 19th. My nephew is getting married in Southern California. We really are in wedding mode...
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  2. Oh, I can't wait to see more pictures! Everything looked so beautiful! Congratulations on a new daughter! :)

  3. How lovely, I can't wait to see more pictures. I still have a jillion shepherds hooks from the girls weddings. We did the same thing.
    It looks so nice. I love the barn.

  4. So glad the rain never spoiled things for you. It all looks like so much fun...from the venue to the decor to the beverages. Even the wishing wands...you have to explain those to me. Looking forward to seeing more!


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