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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a tea party

At noon on Friday before our recent wedding, 
the bride was honored with a tea at
The Primrose British Tea Room
in downtown Chattanooga, Tenn.
It was a lovely little place...

...complete with the mandatory picture
 of Queen Elizabeth !

 And there was lovely food...

 ...and lovely china.

 And, especially lovely people!
The girls were so excited about going to
a tea party!
They weren't crazy about the food,
(except the cookies!)
but they loved the tea...

 ...and they drank it with their 
"pinkies up"...just  like they were
suppose to! :-)

 More lovely people... the bride and her sister...

 ...all the guests...

 the four of us...

 ...the bride and the girls with her mom, Granna,
and her sister...

 ...and my favorite...
our new daughter with 
her new daughters!
Such happy faces...I love it!

 When I left with the girls, everyone waved good-bye!

We would be seeing some of them that evening at 
the picnic dinner at the groom's house.
Those pictures next time!


  1. I love how everyone dresses up for something like this! I also love your favorite photo! I sense a deep thankfulness in you and that is wonderful!

  2. How fun to celebrate with tea. Love the pinkies up!

  3. I like the picture of the four of you and the one with the three girls. Wish Lil E and I could've been there. We'll have to serve the girls some tea while they're here if they liked it.

    PS umm...I feel like you need to do maybe just one post about my wedding since you're doing all these about B. I mean just because I got married before you had a blog doesn't mean it wasn't a blogworthy event. hahaha :)

  4. Amanda...how quickly you forget! I did several posts about your wedding...the dress, showers, wedding, reception! I've been blogging longer than you think! ha! ha!

  5. How fun to have a tea like that. I am so glad you shared. It is nice to see things like that. Places I know I will never go. :)


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