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Friday, May 18, 2012

kindergarten...here i come!

The Hubby and I attended our grandson's
 Pre-K4 end of the year program today. 
The stage was colorful and cute.

 And the kids were colorful and cute, too.
That's our boy in the striped shirt.
His class did a little song and dance,
but he was on the back row, 
so all we got was a picture of his arm!

 At the end of the program, they got their certificates...

...and were proud to show them off!

 He had a wonderful teacher. She has been
teaching preschoolers for over 20 years.
I know, she doesn't look old enough
to have done that!
They did a lot of wonderfully fun and
educational things.
He learned a lot!

 We are very proud of him!

 He was tired of posing for pictures,
but he was patient for two more...
one with his precious family...

 ...and one with us!

It was a special day! :-)


  1. What nice pictures! Congratulations to your grandson on completing preschool! Next year kindergarten!

  2. It looks so nice. My three start K this year. They grow up so fast.

  3. I love those end-of-year grad programs for the pre-schoolers! 'Congrads' to your wee grad.


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