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Friday, May 11, 2012

the wedding...ceremony

There are many pictures, so I will keep
 the comments brief!

Our very dear friends, who have become more
 like parents and grandparents to us,
 making their way down the aisle.

 The Hubby and I...
...and the bride's mom and grandfather
 doing the same.

The groom waiting for his bride with
 his brother and the pastor.

 But first, two beautiful junior bridesmaids,
 his daughters, arrive to stand with their dad
 on this special day!

 Next, the matron of honor, the bride's sister...
lovely in pink.

 Now, the show stopper...the two flower girls... 
our Little E and the bride's niece ...
arrive dressed in their pink tutus!
Their chariot, a wagon, was pulled
 by our grandson...

 ... with a little help from his aunt

 They were adorable!

The beautiful bride being escorted by her dad.
Her dress was amazing!

Saying their vows.

 Exchanging rings.

 Then, a very special moment.
 She expressed her commitment to her
 new daughters and her promise to love 
their dad. She gave them silver necklaces
 with hearts engraved with the date..
.as a reminder of the day
 she gave them her heart.
 So precious! No dry eyes here!

The pastor praying for the new family.

The KISS!!

The pastor said, "I now present to you...
The Miles Family!"
I loved it!

 And a happy, beautiful family they are!

 Our family...
how God has blessed!

The bride's family...
so grateful that they love our son 
and his girls!

 Looks like everyone has gone to the reception...

I'll share those pictures next time! :-)


  1. Oh how very lovely. What a wonderful setting. That was really sweet to include her new girls in the ceremony and give them a gift like that. Precious!

  2. That is so lovely and I got choked up just reading through the post. What a very special day and what a nice addition to your family.

  3. What a precious report of a lovely day. I got a bit choked up too when the bride gave a gift to her new daughters. How sweet!

  4. Beautiful! How special...to have the bride speak her vows of commitment to her new daughters as well.

  5. I was so blessed to be there with my sweet son and to see my forever friend's son (my son and he have been friends since toddlerhood) enjoy the day with his new bride, friends, and family. It was a beautiful wedding!!!


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