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Thursday, September 30, 2010

having patience with patients

We have had some interesting interactions with patients this week. Most of our patients are very nice, but we have a few who can be very difficult. This week, the "ornery" ones were coming out of the woodwork!
They wanted to be the exception......be seen without an appointment, not have to pay at check out, get a prescription refilled even though they haven't had an appointment in 3 years, be taken care of during lunch when everyone is at lunch, and most importantly, not have to wait to be seen (like that is ever going to happen!). Anyway, our doctor expects us to be gracious, patient, and kind in our response and I can truthfully say, that we are nearly all of the time. When we feel like we may be losing our cool, we excuse ourselves and step around the corner or out of the room or put them on hold.....count to 10, 20 or.... 50 (whatever it takes!) and then try again or asked for help from someone else.
Today when I finished a conversation with a lady who had wasted a lot of my time and the doctor's time with questions that she completely disregarded the answers to........I was AGGRAVATED! I complained and a co-worker was being empathetic. As soon, as I stood up to file her chart, the Lord reminded me of something a former pastor once said, "You will know if you have a servant's heart by the way you respond when others treat you like a servant." Ouch!
I apologized to the Lord, told my co-worker what He had reminded me of, and then thanked my Heavenly Father for the opportunity to serve Him by serving others......even (or maybe especially!) the "ornery" ones! :-)

"Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord......it is the Lord you are serving." Col, 3:23a, 24b


  1. aack! I thought you were going to say, "as soon as I stood up to file her chart...I realized she heard everything I said about her"!

    So our Father is gracious in many ways, hmm? ;)

    I have an informational interview with a pastor in the morning for a part-time, at-home position doing the books and admin work for a church. 9 a.m. MDT - prayers appreciated for following His leading!

  2. Double ouch! I have been feeling that too! Thanks to Bro. Jerry's words (I assume) coming up in your spirit like that - thanks to the precious Holy Spirit). And as for the "craziness" of patients this past week, there must be something in the air. Kindergarteners were on a roll too!


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