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Welcome...I'm delighted that you chose to visit! I started this blog in March 2010 and I am so happy that I did. It has made me more aware of the many ways that God is blessing my life. I have made some special friends who bless,teach,encourage,and entertain me! My desire is to be an encouragement to you. I hope you will tarry for a while and that you will come back to visit often.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

it all started.....

......because we had Braves tickets! Then we decided, my sweet friend and I, that we would, instead of just going to the game, make a day of it. So, we left about 9AM and headed to Atlanta.
First stop was an outlet mall. Found some bargains at a shoe store and a Liz Claiborne store that was going out of business.......Woohoo!
Then it was onto Joe's Crab Shack for lunch. Not the best shrimp I ever had (not even close, actually!) but the company was great and the service was very good.
Next stop, another outlet store with scrubs (we all wear uniforms at work). Success again!
Then it was downtown to the Georgia Aquarium. I've been twice, but my friend had not seen it and she is a "fish fan". She has a koi pond in her yard, too. It wasn't crowded which was great, and we took our time. There was a picture of a whale on the wall behind us, but you can't see it. You have to be careful taking pictures there...they don't like the flash.

We saw some interesting things there.....such as white alligators....big ones!

Can you say "catfish dinner"? This guy would feed a crowd.... he was huge!

Crab anyone? It is hard to tell, but this guy was about 2 ft tall!

My favorite....the penguins. They are so cute and they pose for pictures! Do you see the young man on the right. They have tunnels under the habitat where you can crawl and then pop up right in the middle of the little guys. Cool!

There was a snack shop between the aquarium and "The World of Coke" ( another day!). So, we got ice cream and sat a table outside. It was a glorious day.....perfect temperature, beautiful blue sky. Great opportunity to rest, chat and "people watch". After about an hour.............

...it was on to the game! I won't tell you how we missed out turn...twice!...... and ended up (by the grace of God) stumbling onto the parking lot we were looking for from a completely different direction (breathe!). No, I won't tell you that story! But as you can see, we made it.

She is the REAL fan...shirt and all. Her number is her birth year and it has her last name on the back. I was impressed!

The Braves didn't win, but we still had fun. The lady sitting next to us is best friends with a friend of my friend.....did you get that? Small world! It is amazing to me how often that sort of thing happens.
There are always fireworks after a Friday night game. It was late....very late, but we decided to stay and get all the "bang for our buck" (pun intended! ha! ha!). I tried to take pictures, but that didn't work. So, here is a picture of the scoreboard that proves we were there to the end!

I got home about 2 AM after dropping off my "partner in fun"! It was great day!


  1. Glad you got to relax in such a fun way after the busyness of these past few months!Sounds like y'all had a grand time! Will have to hear the story of getting lost later. Love ya.
    P.S. The girl's pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. That's how to milk the Braves tickets for all they are worth! Sounds like a fun day.

  3. What a great day! And my husband the sports fan informed me today that the Braves are headed to the playoffs on the Wild Card. What a great way for Bobby Cox to end his career. Yes, he quizzes me on coaches, mascots, uniforms and helmets. Mostly football, but I know a few things about baseball, too.

    I'm glad you didn't tell us about how you missed your turn twice. Women in the big city! ;O

  4. That sounds like a great day! Shopping and a ball game, now that is my kind of fun! I like the Braves, since the Red Sox are not in the playoffs I will cheer for the Braves. There in right? I know it was close!


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