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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

our little "grad"!

We had a fun weekend in Tenn despite the cold, rainy weather!
 There were games to be played, movies to watch,
 shopping to be done, and good food to be eaten! 
Sunday marked a First Anniversary...so the girls kept us entertained
 while Mom and Dad had a date to celebrate!

Monday morning, we attended a very special event...
our sweet grandgirl's kindergarten graduation. 
It was early...at nine o'clock...which was probably good  for the teachers! 
I imagine their excitement would have been hard to contain!
 The gym was decorated nicelywith stars and balloons. 
And the grads were adorable in their royal blue caps and gowns.

Here's our girl getting her "diploma" from her teacher!

Celebrating with her classmates!

Afterwards, in her classroom with Mom and Dad...

Grand and Chief...

and her sweet teacher!

She chose to go to Olive Garden for lunch...
smart girl!
And their were gifts...pearls from Mom and Dad...
perfect gift for a little lady!

And a bible from me and the hubby.
I was so glad to find a cute "girly"
one in a good translation that she can read 
and understand!

We are proud of our "little" graduate!

She enjoys school and has done well.
I pray she will continue to have a desire
to learn...at school, at home, and from
God's Word.
We love you, sweet girl, and look forward
to seeing what God has in store for you
in the years to come!


  1. How very sweet is that and so nice that you could attend!

  2. How special...to be celebrated by all her favorite people as she graduates from kindergarten. Congrats to your sweet grandgirlie!

  3. she is so precious with that great big beautiful smile... the Bible was a fantastic gift..

  4. How nice and what a great day! I love all of the photos.
    Gosh they grow up so fast don't they?

  5. She is so cute - congrats to the grad! lol


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