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Sunday, May 26, 2013

grand camp

It most definitely was a "grand" five days!
We picked up our Tenn grandgirlies in Atlanta
on Saturday and headed south.

 On the way home, we stopped at
Dauset Trails... a pretty nature center.
They take care of injured animals
and either release them or give them a
safe home. They also have a barnyard 
and a replica of a early American homestead.

There's an educational center, a beautiful lake,
picnic tables, camping, and even a chapel 
for weddings.

And it is all FREE!
 They run the entire center on donations!

When we arrived home, our grandboy
 was waiting for us! They are always
happy to see each other...that's sweet!

The"arts and crafts" part of our camp included...
"Would you like a roasted marshmallow?"

There was chalk art on the front porch

and jewelry making...
beaded bracelets!

For "recreation", there was a trip
to Monkey Joe's...lots of bouncing and
and sliding...

...a trip to the park

...the grandboy's t-ball game...

...and a trip to our friend's pool!

And "education" called for a trip
to the Museum of Arts and Sciences
in our neighboring city.
There were animals to see...
live ones, too...

puzzles to design...

...fossils to dig for...

...music to make...

sound effects to create...

...and there was a planetarium, too.
but we couldn't take pictures there!

We also played ball in the front yard
 and Wii in the family room, we colored
 and played computer games.
We watched movies, read books,
 and spent time swinging on the
front porch.
So grateful they could come
 and that they wanted to come.
That makes this Gran's heart glad! :-)


  1. what a fun time.. i would love to play with the sound effects, both of them. wonder if they allow old ladies to play with them. your grands are really grand and beautiful... when i read the starting comment, i saw TENN grandgirlies and thought she has TEN granddaughters? ha ha on the old lady.

  2. There's nothing like time with the grands - and it sounds like you had a spectacular time with yours.

  3. Sounds like nonstop fun and bonding. I wonder how tired grammy is now...

  4. It looked like a great time! Two granddaughters and y our sweet grandson. There is nothing like our grandkids is there? Love, sandie

  5. Wow---what a great trip for the grandchildren... So glad that they could visit and that you all could provide them with such a marvelous time... Glad the grandson could join them also...

    BUT--you and hubby will need a VACATION when they all leave... Kids have so much energy --and can wear us out!!!!! ha

    Great set of photos --all of them.

  6. You have been busy at 'Camp Gran's'...with one fun thing after another! It's my turn now...I'm running a 5-day grand camp over here as we speak. I too am grateful that they want to come! We have such a good time together.

    So when in August are you planning to be in my part of the world? We are planning a road trip to the east coast in August, but if we are home you might just want to stop by 'my front porch'. :)

  7. Wow, I'm impressed. I want to go to your camp! I remember when I wanted my own children to play with playdough in the garage. I would be so different if I had grandchildren. Your a wonderful grandmother.

  8. ooohhhhh what a wonderful entry and such fun family photos!!

  9. You have just described perfection... sigh. You're living the life we are meant to live! Thanks for sharing your grandma adventures. :)

    Blessings, Debbie

  10. uuum...you forgot the field trip to our house!

  11. What a great time with your grands! I remember my parents gong to family camp and leaving us kids at home. It was not long my dad came back to get us... they had not realized that family camp was not just for couples! I guess grand camp would not be the same either with just grandparents.


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