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Thursday, May 16, 2013

I can scan, can you?

This is my new friend at work!

google image

We are converting to electronic medical records
 at the doctor's office where I work.
 That means that all our charts and all new paper info
 (bloodwork, pathology reports, new patient info, etc)
has to be scanned into our new computer software. 
Since I am the official "keeper of the charts",
 that job is now mine! 
As a result, I have been working much longer days
these past three weeks. 
Once we get the bulk of the charts done,
 it will get better, but I think it is going to be a while
 before that happens!

I told the hubby that I wasn't sure I liked having
 all this responsibility. 
The doctor, PAs and the medical assts. are counting
 on me so they can have the info they need in their iPads. 
In our staff meeting yesterday, I asked them to be patient.
 Just as they are learning how to use the emr,
 I am learning how to scan things correctly. 
So far, we seem to be working together pretty well.

Adjusting to new things is difficult sometimes.
 We like the comfort of the familiar.
I have been doing the same job, with a only a
 few changes, for almost 13 years. 
I had a routine... a system
 that was efficient and productive. 
Typically, I could predict how long my work day would be
 and could make plans around it. 
Well, all that has pretty much been tossed out the window! 
The "new" part of my job is not hard, but it is
time consuming and it has to be done in a timely manner.

Our office manager has and is working hard to make sure
 the conversion is successful.
I want to support her and do my part responsibly so she
 doesn't have to be concerned about it. 
With longer hours comes larger pay checks...which is nice. 
Now, if I just had time to spend some of it!! ha! ha!


  1. We always joke around that when you have the extra money you don't have time and when you have lots of time you don't have the money!!
    I'm heading down the scanning path here but with slides that were taken in the 70's. I know once I pick the right scanner this, too, will not be hard but take lots of time. Sounds like you will be enjoying your weekend giving that scanner a rest!!

  2. All the best...with the added responsibilities and hours of work! My friend did exactly that at her doctor's office a few years ago...scanned all records for their new computerized record-keeping system.

  3. my doctor is doing the same thing, and she and her two nurses are what i call computer challenged and she told me the law is making her do it. she likes the charts. they are funny trying to learn the ipads and they to are struggling with masses of charts to scan. it will be good when completed and there will not be that much scanning involved. change makes me crazy

  4. good luck with that, seems like a lot of work!! my neurologist did this years ago and it really is wonderful and when he and i talk, he puts everything right in to his hand held computer chart!!

  5. I have to hand it to you - working and doing this for doctors - who need it right away and have it correct and being in charge of all of it - you're a saint. Best wishes. sandie

  6. OH--technology!!!! It's hard to change I'm sure --but hopefully, the changes will make things better and faster. You obviously have done a great job. Congrats!!!!! Hope it continues to work for you!

  7. I'm so glad you are excited to have your grandies over night. I can't wait for that to happen in a few weeks too! Have a nice time with them!!!


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