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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the right notes

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In our church, we have a ministry to the homebound... those in our church (and their families) who aren't able to get out much. There are people who visit, others who make phone calls, and folks like me who write notes expressing care and encouragement. I received the names of a husband and wife, the mom and step dad of a church member. I don't know them so I thought I would talk to the daughter to learn about them. If I knew what they enjoyed or were interested in, it might make it easier to write notes that would be meaningful and more personal to them.

So, Sunday, I did just that. Much to my surprise and, I must say, disappointment, she wasn't much help. She didn't know what they liked or enjoyed and wasn't even sure how old they were. Not knowing anything about the situation, I certainly cannot judge anyone. I know that relationships can be hard and people can be difficult (I speak from experience!) so there may be lots of issues in this family. But it did make me sad.

Having lost my mother when I was only 28, I know how precious it is to have time with your parents. And I know how much I value the time I spend with my children and grandchildren.  When I first started blogging, Anneliese posted about living "intentionally". She talked about being purposeful in making plans to spend time with friends and family...not waiting for others to make the first move. When we do that, time slips away as does opportunities to build relationships and to make memories.  That truth really spoke to me. Since then, I have tried to be more intentional...asking for the grands instead of waiting to be asked and initiating get togethers instead of waiting for others to do it. I will forever be grateful for Anneliese sharing that insight!

So... to get back to the notes I will be writing. I will be depending on the Lord for insight. I know that He knows what will be a blessing to them! I look forward to seeing what He has to say!


  1. That's a wonderful ministry to be a part of Miss Debbie. I'm sure God's Spirit will give you the right words...

  2. Wow that is a tough one, but I hope God gives you insight to what to say to them.
    It is hard I think in some situations and I know that I have removed myself from family that became too hard to be around because of certain life choices but I know I never have them off of my mind.
    Sometimes I think it is easier for a stranger to offer hope to people who don't know the back stories.
    Thanks for giving me food for thought.

  3. I am sorry their daughter didn't help but I know God will help you write their letter. When I am responding to the Baby Loss Mothers I email with the words just flow from God.

  4. Wonderful ministry... So much of the time, elderly people just enjoy talking about their pasts. They also enjoy reading the Bible, and they love music (maybe some of the old songs or hymns). I'm sure you will enjoy your visit...

    Too bad about the relationship between that daughter and her parents... Very sad.... When her Mom is gone, she will regret not having a relationship.

    Great ministry.

  5. i think just getting the card will be the blessing and what you right will be another blessing.. if you called my two sons, 46 and 48, they do not know my birthday or do they know how old i am. but usually a daughter will....

  6. Oh Debbie! Thanks for the compliment about Baby LL's cuteness. My Mom lost her Mom when she was only 23. My Mom always made sure EVERYONE in any way that was related to her was precious. She passed that down to me, in my heart and I think that has added to why I love my Family so.

    You have a new look to your blog, too. It must be the spring time affecting us, huh? (hug)

  7. Praying that God will give you the words you need.

  8. Wishing you many blessings as you take part in this special ministry. May God lead you...and give you wisdom...as you communicate with this man and wife. Keep us posted!

  9. Aw... Debbie.. that is so special to read here today! Thank you ... I still need that reminder to be intentional as our kids are making plans to go overseas again... and sometimes it hurts too much to get close and have to say goodbye... but I know it's for the best. We will never be sorry for having given our best time when we had it.
    I know the Lord will bless you as you write your notes to this couple. He knows their pain and will guide you.


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