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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

the locals know

The first time my sweet girl and I went to Hilton Head for a girl's trip was about 
five years ago. I found a nice room for a nice price, so I booked it and we hit the road.
The room came with breakfast and we packed a cooler with lunch stuff we could eat
on the beach. We had no idea about restaurants...what they had or what was good.
But, when we checked in the hotel, they gave us a booklet that was filled with
restaurant information and coupons. The best thing about it was that it featured the
local eateries...their history, specialties, and reviews.
So, our first evening was spent enjoying delicious prime rib at 
Jump and Phil's.

The owners were two University of Georgia grads who had spent
their summers while in college working in restaurants on Hilton Head.
When they received their degrees (zoology and journalism!) in 1975,
they decided to return to the place they loved and open a restaurant.
It wasn't fancy...casual and friendly and the food was great!

As we continued to study our info, we found a little "hole in the wall"
place called The Sea Shack. The booklet said, "Best seafood on the island
 at the best price. Plan to come early because there is always a line. It's where the 
locals eat." So, we went early...and, yes, there was a line. But there weren't
many ahead of us. We conversed with others in line and soon
 the doors opened and we took our turn ordering at the counter.

We took our seats and shortly, our shrimp dinners were brought to our table.
The ad was right...delicious, perfectly prepared friend shrimp
with all the trimmings for less than ten bucks a piece!
Again, not much atmosphere...simple, casual, basic.
But we loved the food...and we even bought a tee shirt!

We were so grateful for the Lord's direction and provision
for us two "clueless" females. 
There are hundreds of places to eat on Hilton Head, but we never would
have found these two places on our own. 
Jump and Phil's is on the main road, but it is small and non-descript
and the Sea Shack is on a side street surrounded by trees. 
They are the kind of places you just have to know about...
you're not going to just stumble upon them.

He took care of us this past weekend, too. 
I'll tell you about that next time!! :-)


  1. Definitely my kind of places to find. I'm always thankful to the Lord for leading me along on my trips. Glad you are, too! :)

  2. We LOVE the Sea Shack! Great seafood at a great place ... the place is definitely not pretentious, but who cares when the food is that good. We've never done Jump and Phil's ... we'll have to check them out the next time we're in Hilton Head. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. matching entries.....my kinda place!! the hubs had fried shrimp at our hole in the wall!!

  4. Oh I love local fun spots like that. We have mineral hot springs places around here that are so quaint and fun. Thanks for the visit and your cheerful comments.

  5. I've got a great story about Hilton Head that is embarrassing and such an example of my mindset 40 years ago - insecurity. Maybe I can redeem that silly, youthful response to my husband simply wanting to go in the Hilton Head Golf Shop by taking our own trip back to HH one day. And I'll be sure to visit your two restaurants. Glad you and the girl had a great time!I guess little girl stayed home?

  6. I have never been there. I am going to pin this or save it. Have been having trouble with my pinnings lately. Good recommendations. sandie

  7. Love those little 'hole in the wall' kind of places! Glad you were well looked after on the weekend. :)


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