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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Do you like Taco Salad?
It's a family favorite around here.
We have it on every camping trip,
 every beach vacation,
many family gatherings and some birthdays.

It works for me because it is easy
 and everyone likes it...
even the little ones.

And it is good any time of the year.

I actually took these photos
 Super Bowl Sunday 
when we had some friends over for
 dinner and the game.
Not sure how the meat and chips miss out
on being in the picture!

Anyway, I am grateful that my family
 is easy to please
because I certainly enjoy pleasing them!


  1. Yum! It really is a great get together meal!!

  2. Taco salad is a go-to recipe for me. Quick, easy and everyone likes it. In fact, it's been a little while since we've had it. I think that's what I'll fix for dinner tomorrow night. ;-)

  3. It is easy to have ---and you are right: People do like it!!!!! My favorite taco meal is Taco Soup... Delicious.

  4. i have never had taco salad, but this looks easy and good. thanks for the idea. and i know the thing behind bob's ear needs to come off, our PCP said it does when i showed it to her. i go with him to the doc or he would not go, she talks to me about his meds not him. he has no idea what he takes, i give it to him and he swallows it. he is refusing to go get it off, and that is that.

  5. yummy, nice presentation!! i love anything taco!!

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  7. Just so everyone will know, I deleted Debbie's comment because it had her email address in it and I didn't want to publish that for all to see.


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