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Sunday, April 7, 2013

her first...

Saturday we celebrated our Little L turning one!

She had an adorable "smash" cake and, uh...

...and that is just what she did...

...she smashed it!!


And invited Little E to join her!

Among her gifts were a new "ride"...

and her own bean bag chair...
(big brother got one for Christmas and she
has been insisting that he share it!)

Her guest included our dear "adopted"
who have always shared in our "big" days!

Here she is with her Great-Nanny
 on her mom's sideand her Papa, her mom's dad.
 Her Nana was busy taking pictures

Her uncle, aunt and her two cousins
  from Tenn came for the big event.
Little E brought her mom and dad, too,
but somehow, oops!, they missed being in a picture!  

Little L is a precious gift to our family.
 We (and many others) prayed her here
 and we are so grateful that she is 
healthy and happy!
 It was a joy to have all our family
 and our DIL's family here to celebrate!
Happy Birthday, Little L!
We love you very much
and look forward to watching you grow!


  1. she is beautiful, as is all your family. looks like everyone was having a wonderful time. i noticed in the last photo you and Little L share the same chin and face shape...

  2. Love the photo of you with Little L...very sweet!
    Love that smash cake, too. That's great that all could come together to celebrate!

  3. It seems that first year just flew by! How fun...to have her own little smash cake. Such sweet photos!

    Happy Birthday to your precious little girl.

  4. That photo of you with your Little L is so sweet ... two sweet ladies. ;-)

    That smash cake was almost too cute to smash, but Little L did such a nice job.

  5. She is just beautiful. It looks like you had such a nice weekend!

  6. what FUN!! i LOVE the cake and her sweet little face!!

    what a beautiful picture of the two of you!!

  7. Such lovely pictures. What a cutie pie she is and looks like she enjoyed her adorable ladybug cake!

  8. Such nice weather for her celebration! Looks like she had a wonderful time. BTW you look fantastic!

  9. oh we LOVE 1yr old birthday parties, don't we! Thank you for your nice compliment on my photos. I am just a novice and it means a ton to get noticed for it. (hug)


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