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Saturday, October 13, 2012

what kind of player?

 A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. My Hubby laughed out loud when I read it to him.
Even if you don't care for or understand football, I think you can see the humor in this:

google image

  Many years ago, when Shug Jordan was coach of Auburn, Bill Curry, an all-pro football player and later a coach himself was helping Coach Jordan recruit players. He asked coach Jordan, "What kind of players are we looking for?" Coach Jordan replied, "You know there are guys that you knock them down and they don't get back up." Bill interrupted, "Yeah, we don't want those guys do we, Coach?" Coach Jordan continued,"Then there's the guy, you knock him down, and he gets back up, you knock him down and he gets back, you knock down and he gets back up."
 Bill: "Yeah, that's the kind of player we want, isn't it coach? 
Coach Jordan answers,
 "No, we want the guy who keeps knocking the other guys down!

Hope the rest of your weekend is happy! :-)


  1. it is funny, thanks for the morning smile.

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  3. Don't want anyone to think that Kathy posted anything inappropriate. She included her email address and I wasn't sure she would want it published.

  4. Ha! Yep when talking about football that's what you want!


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