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Monday, October 29, 2012

she's one!

Saturday afternoon, we celebrated Little E!
She reached her first milestone in this life...
turning one!
Her mom chose the theme "Cute as a Button"
 and did a great job creating it. 
First, she decorated E's shirt by sewing
51 buttons on it in the shape of a heart!
That was a labor of love!

Then she hung these"buttons from the ceiling
 over the table. They are paper party plates!

Buttons separated the monthly pictures
 "clothespinned" to the twine. 
It was sweet to look at how she has grown,
but interesting to see that her sweet little face
 has not change much.

Her "smash" cake was a button, too!

 She found this idea on Pinterest...peanut butter cookies
 with the bottoms dipped in chocolate made into 
buttons. You use a straw to make the holes!

There were buttons scattered on the table, too!

 She made this banner with scrapbook paper and twine.

The table was very pretty and the food was colorful,
as well as, delicious. 

She even decorated the vintage high chair she
borrowed for the occasion.
Little E didn't dive in, but she ate enough to get messy
and to entertain the crowd that was watching!

However, she did get pretty involved in opening 
her gifts. She had everyone laughing
 at her enthusiasm!

 About his time, she had decided it was time
to do something else. 
But Mom convinced her to open the rest!

Here is the sweet little birthday girl
 with her mom and dad...

 and her cousins (funny picture!)...

and her grandparents from her dad's side
 of the family...

.and her sweet aunt (dad's sister)... 

and with our family!
(except Little L who was napping!)

It was a wonderful afternoon!
Our hearts were filled with joy and gratitude
for the precious gift God gave our family
 one year ago when our Little E was born.
He has blessed her with adoring parents, grandparents,
 aunts, uncles, and cousins.
 And many others who just love her
because of who she is and whose she is!
He has also blessed her with health and wholeness, 
and a winsome personality. She is a joy and a delight!

Happy Birthday, Little E! Gran loves you very much!


  1. Hi There, What a cute little birthday party... Glad so many family members could be there to enjoy the party. Loved the theme... Little E's Mom is quite a creative lady!!!!! I know you were thrilled to be there and be a part of that. Happy 1st Birthday to your precious granddaughter.

  2. Looks like a great party but I wasn't invited! Lol

    Happy birthday Little E.


  3. What a cute party ... the decorations were beautiful - especially those button cookies! What a wonderful idea! Happy 1st birthday to little E!

  4. a birthday party fit for a queen! in this case a Princess that is truly cute as a button. great idea

  5. What a fun idea to do a button theme! Little E's mom went to a lot of work and it looks like a fun time was had by all. You must be a very (proud) grateful Grammy.

  6. Wow that is such a cute party theme! I loved all of the elements and the super creativity. That little E is so cute. I love seeing 1 year old's figure out what to do with their cakes.

  7. Where did that year go? Happy birthday to your sweet little E. Love the 'button' theme!

  8. Wowzers! What a well thought out theme for little E's party! I loved all the button details. Mommy did an excellent job of carrying out the theme! Happy Birthday little E!

  9. Catching up on some blog reading today ... I didn't know which post to comment on! But I had to return to this Cute As A Button post because I loved so much about it --- that your Little E is already 1 year old, the sweet spirit that your daughter exudes even through photos, the peanut butter cookies (and everything else button-y), and the beautiful colorful relish platter.

    What a fun celebration! While E won't remember the day in years to come, the adults will recall how they got to indulge while celebrating the gift of her life!


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