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Monday, October 22, 2012

our little characters

Saturday, our church held a Harvest Block Party.
About twelve hundred people from our community attended.
There were games for the kids, free food, music and
 a worship service. Our daughter and younger son and their
 families came to enjoy the festivities.

Our grandson was...can you guess?...

Little L was a ballerina...
and a lovely one, I must say!

And whooo is that cute owl?
Why, that's our Little E!

 Our favorite superhero enjoyed the games...

 and won candy at every stop.

 And the baby girls love being outside...

and all the attention they received!

It was a fun afternoon! 

And our church family was thrilled with the response
from our community...the large attendance and
the decisions made at the worship service. 
Many people worked very hard to plan and execute 
this outreach effort.
I have heard it said that God will provide for
 His work done His way.
He certainly proved that Saturday!


  1. They all just looked so cute!! I am so glad that some of the churches do this now days to give the children a safe place to have fun. That was a very good turn out. Hugs

  2. Awe - how cute they ALL were - so beautiful!

  3. Wow! What a great turnout. Our harvest carnival is this Saturday. We usually have a great turnout, too! Blessings...

  4. What a fantastic turnout ... and the decisions made - how wonderful! And of course your littles are so precious!

  5. Such cute faces you have in your family! Darling!

    check out my post for today (monday) regarding the events of my/my husband's weekend,k?

  6. and those beautiful babies look soooo happy and of course spidey man was happy with candy as I would be. great turnout

  7. Don't we just love the ones that keep our computers alive and well. Take good care of yourself today. k?

  8. what little cuties they are...i love this type of event!!

  9. Precious and adorable! You are blessed.


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