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Thursday, October 18, 2012

some things to think about

Quotes from One Simple Act by Debbie Macomber:

"Studies show that empathetic people are more creative,
 more grateful, more satisfied, and less dogmatic."

"The trait most evident in heroes is empathy, not courage,
 but empathy."

"The outward expression of empathy is compassion."

"Believing the best of others strengthens them
to live up to their best."

"When we offer people the gift of believing the best
 of them, we light the pathway to their becoming
 the very best of who they are. "

"If you want to be positive
--to see the best in people--
it takes practice."

And one last thought included in the book but attributed
to Elizabeth Peale Allen (daughter of Norman Vincent Peale):

 "A prerequisite to living abundantly is giving abundantly.
 These are two concepts that are woven tightly together.
 If you don't know how to give, you don't know how to live."

So, what do you think?


  1. I agree with the giving and receiving - it has to be a two way street. You have to give to be happy.

  2. Great quotes...all of them! Definitely food for thought. I really like what Elizabeth Peale Allen said. I think she might have it right!

  3. Awh that is so nice to hear. Thanks!!!! Yesterday and today have been a bit too crazy around this house of mine. ...so I am finally saying hi and that I am alive and well. My computer was sick again, but now the new medicine is helping. ...silly computer.

    My husbands birthday is tomorrow. Come see my post.... k?

  4. i do agree with all of this, believe the best builds up as does believing the worst tears down confidence. as for giving i believe that 100 percent and the Bible says what ever we give we get back more. this means to me if we don't give we will get nothing.
    about the squirrels, bob wants to hire a hit man for ours... if we do i will send you his name. LOL

  5. Oh Yes! Give hope to someone by believing in him/her.Selfishness leaves you miserable. True empahy will give you courage. Great quotes.


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