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Thursday, October 25, 2012

a bit of fall

It's a little early here in the deep south for there to be 
much fall color. But I managed to find one small tree
in our front yard that was "showing off" a bit!

 The pyracantha bush in the backyard is loaded
 with berries...
 a sure sign that winter is on it's way!

And we will be ready for it...with stacks of firewood
for our stove. We actually had a small fire Tuesday
 morning to "knock the chill" off!

It promises to be a busy weekend...Little E is turning one!!
So, there is a big celebration planned with family and friends.
I think she knows she is about to be the birthday girl...
she took her first steps today! 
Guess she decided she needed to start acting her age!! :-)

Hope you all have a blessed weekend...
celebrating all of God's good gifts to you!


  1. Hi Debbie, I know about no-Fall-much living in the deep south.. I lived in Florida, Louisiana and Texas for many years... SO glad I finally got to move back to TN --where we have these gorgeous Fall colors. I love the season changes --including a little snow in winter. YEAH!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Oh...first birthday parties are such fun! Enjoy.

  3. Girl you are ready for fall and the leaves are so pretty there! Good morning.

  4. What fun a 1 year birthday party. Very sweet and exciting. I'll be away from computers till next Wednesday. I'll catch up then...

  5. What a wonderful weekend you will have! 1st birthdays are always so much fun!

  6. Ya know I haven't bought those things all this season. The only thing new is the little battery powered candles and their vases. All the other stuff has been accumulated over the years. I guess I should say that on there, huh? Have a nice time for your grandchild's birthday party!!! Those are always fun.

  7. I know we don't see much here in CA either. What a great stack of wood. Have fun at the party!

  8. i had totally forgotten about a pyracantah bush, it is beautiful. mother had 2 of them in Savannah, i have not seen any here in FL

  9. Beautiful leaves and berries. The birds keep all the berries eaten off my nandina and pyracantha bushes but they are colorful and pretty for a short time. Wishing Little E a very happy birthday. Hugs


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