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Monday, October 8, 2012

they're growing!

Our baby girls are growing,,,
Little E is 11 months

and Little L is 6 1/2 months.

We are getting glimpses of their personalities.
Little E is a chatterbox...like her mom!

And Little L is quiet like her mom!

Little E is learning how to "compute"! :-)

And Little L likes to swing!

  And they love each other!


It is going to be so much fun watching them grow up together! :-)


  1. Those are darling babies. It's so sweet to see babies, love'm.

  2. Girls are soooooooooo wonderful - I need a granddaughter to to with my wonderful two grandchildren.

  3. What lovely little girls. They look so cute. Yes, I am sure they will be best friends.

  4. Oh so precious! Now I'm missing my grandbabies! ;-)

  5. so sweet and soon that little one will use a computer better than we can.

  6. Oh how precious... Those little cousins will be close FOREVER... They are both gorgeous....Thanks for sharing.

    Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.

  7. Oh so cute and adorable! They all made me smile!!
    I'm glad you are having a easy week. I should have named my blog simple and easy. They are my bywords these days.

  8. wow, the are so very sweet!!!

  9. And they are just adorable. What wonderful blessing you have been given.


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