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Friday, January 6, 2012

who's jerumbo?

A couple of folks asked to hear the story behind the nickname. It's not exciting or funny, just a part of our family history. But here you go. About two weeks before I met the Hubby, I attended Explo '72 in Dallas, Texas. It was a huge week long Billy Graham Conference for High School and College Students. About a dozen of us went from my college and we picked up about that many more from another college on the way west headed out of the state. It was along drive so we had some time to befriend each other. Somewhere between Georgia and Texas, we started adding "Bo" to everyone's name......Debbie-Bo, Cheryl-Bo, Paul-Bo, etc. Silly, but I guess you could call it a bonding thing.

Well, that was fresh on my mind and still being used by the group from my school that went on the trip. So, after a few dates, I added it to his name...a term of endearment, as they say.( After we were married, my dad even called him that!) Somewhere through the years, the Hubby decided to "country" or "southern" it up a bit and it became "Jerumbo". When the kids came along, I started calling him "dad" most of the time, so I rarely use the nickname. But he calls himself that often and signs notes and cards that way. So, there was no question whose shrimping team it would be....

"Lil' Jerumbo's" !!


  1. Oh that is so cute, I love that name.
    Hey thanks for your lovely comments today.

  2. not to mention when he used to make breakfast for supper sometimes he called it Lil Jerumbo's restaurant. I remember one time I wrote it on the napkins along with the slogan "Hire the best; fire the rest." hahahahaha


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