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Friday, January 13, 2012

miracle at the lanes!

I mentioned that we went bowling during the holidays, but I didn't give any details. There were a couple of very important things that happen during our two trips to the lanes. The first time it was just me, Hubby, our older son and his fiancee. None of us had been in years and so we were pretty rusty. With dropped balls, unexpected slides to the floor and gutter balls, we spent a lot of time laughing.... I mean really laughing!

The almost newly-weds.

The already oldy-weds!

Our son making sure his feet are lined up.

A few balls actually got where they were suppose to! :-)

Now, my Hubby has always been a very good bowler. He has a smooth approach and release, his ball glides down the lane spinning and hits the pins hard knocking them all over the place. But he injured his thumb last spring in a fishing accident. And though, it looks much better than we ever thought it would, it is a little mis-shapened and a little sensitive. So, he had a hard time finding a ball that allowed his thumb to slide in and out of the hole. Needless to say, he was off his game. I, on the other hand, am pleased if I break 100. So, as you might guess in almost 40 years of dating and being married, I have never outscored him in a bowling match. Well, history was made....

The 107 is his, the 111 is mine. Our son won the match with 120, but I didn't care....a miracle had happened....and I have witnesses, pictures, and, now, a blog post to prove it! :-)

We took the grands on the second trip...pictures of that next time! Hope you have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


  1. Whew hoo, good job Miss Debbie! What fun! We did this as a family a few years ago and I remember how my girls would turn around and roll the ball backwards, I believe they called it gutter games! You have such a beautiful family! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Well done! Family bowling outings are so much fun. I think it's time we planned one again. Love the shots of the almost newly and already oldy!

  3. How fun and I love to bowl too. I haven't ever thought of taking everyone.
    It looks like a good time.

  4. I haven't been bowling in years! Looks like you had fun. What a nice-looking couple! And your granddaughter in the pictures is so sweet. She's going to be bigger than that stuffed animal pretty soon! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love your miracle at the lanes! We used to go bowling when we were dating...and have gone a few times over the years. But now I'm thinking we should try our hand at it again.


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