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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

the tale of the cap

Thank you for your kind comments welcoming me back. Here's the story I said I would share. Every summer our family goes to the beach for a week. We spend a lot of time on the beach...playing in the sand and in the water. The guys also seine for shrimp.... something they look forward to all year. They enjoy working together...especially when the net is full!
Well, last fall our two sons and our SIL went to the National Fair that is held near here every year. In the commercial bldg where businesses sell their wares, they saw a man who sold embroidered caps. Something he had gave them the idea to have some made for their "shrimping team" and surprise Dad for Christmas. Our younger son found someone locally and had 10 caps made. I knew he would be surprised and very pleased....and he was!

"Jerumbo" is a nickname from our dating days that has hung around all these years!
The designer did a great job...look at that shrimp!

Their first year to seine on Jekyll Island was 1998.

Father and son....a great pair!

The whole team...well, almost. We girls pitch in to harvest the shrimp
from the net and we got caps, too!
But the guys are the ones who get in the water (sometimes at night!)
and pull the net.

It was a great idea and it made Dad's Christmas special.
We are gonna look really cool
on the beach in July! :-)


  1. What a great gift idea! And what a great team. Shrimping is something I know nothing about!

  2. Way cool legacy, tradition, and teamwork.

    Next, I want to hear the Tale of Jerumbo!

  3. What a nice family thing to go do, I can't wait to see pictures of that in July.
    It looks so nice. It looks like you have such a nice family.
    You have so much going on this year.
    It is so nice to see your updates.

  4. What a creative present! That's such a good picture of all of them in their new caps.

  5. aren't you glad I took such good pictures of the hat so you didn't have to? :) That is a great picture of them all together. That's the first I have seen of it.


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