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Monday, January 30, 2012

a movie worth watching

I watched this Hallmark movie Sunday night. John Corbett was the star and I have always liked him. So, I was sure to make time to watch it. I'm glad I did!

It is an inspiring story about a teacher believing in and advocating for his students. It retells the true story of how the very first special education class was allowed to attend Space Camp in Huntsville, AL.

It showed how important teamwork is and how much someone can accomplish when just one other person believes in them.

Reminded me of the value of co-operation and encouragement. The Lord tells us to live in peace with others and to exhort one another. He knows that will bring joy to us and to those we encounter.

If you missed this airing, there will be encore broadcasts on the Hallmark channel.

I recommend it! :-)


  1. It sounds wonderful, Did you cry much? I am getting to the point if I am going to cry through the whole movie maybe I will wait. :) I do not know what gets into me anymore.
    I can't even watch Toy Story 3 with my grandkids and don't even think about Up I hear the music and I fall apart. :) I hope you are having a good week.

  2. We thought about watching that movie, but we'd already had some lazy time Sunday afternoon and decided that two more hours in front of the TV just wasn't good! Thanks for the plug for it; we'll have to look for it on Netflix someday. Hallmark movies are so good. (And, like you, I have always liked John Corbett, too.)


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