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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

guest post by the mommy-to-be : the finished nursery

Well, I was supposed to do a post for some
individual nursery projects, but here I am,
just a few days from my baby being born,
and I have not gotten to those posts.
So, instead,here is a post of the COMPLETED nursery.
(Hallelujah! Didn't know if it would happen.)

Here is the changing area.

The picture is a sonogram of her
at 20 weeks I believe. Below that are the words to the
first stanza of one of my favorite hymns.
We also used it at our wedding.
It's called Children of the Heavenly Father:

Children of the heavenly Father,
Safely in his bosom gathered,
Nestling bird nor star in Heaven,
Such a refuge e'er was given.

That's a mirror hanging from the "E"....what you see
in it is the reflection of the crib!

The crib!

My husband's grandma had a friend crochet this.
I am amazed by it!

Love, love, love this recliner! I was close to
getting a glider because that's what you
get for a nursery, but I decided I wanted something
I could really snuggle up in with my baby girl.
It's so soft and comfy!
And of course, the beautiful quilt my friend made. :)

These little shelves are spices racks
that I got from IKEA for $3.99 apiece!
Painted them white and there you go!
Do you think the girl has enough bows?

And how about some headbands?
For this I just bought some ribbon,
cut one long piece and six shorter pieces
to make the little flowers at the end.
I got the mini clothespins at Michael's.
Probably cost me about $7. Pretty cheap and cute!
And Ellison's wonderful Gran is responsible for
the beautiful creation above it! She surprised me
with this using fabric I had picked out for other projects.
I love it!

Below is the bookcase I promised
another post about but never got around to...oh well!
I had bigger plans for it, but they proved
more difficult than I originally thought.
So we have a white bookcase!
The window I found for $12 at an antique store
and painted it myself freehand!
Not the most impressive thing ever, but I like it
and I hope my little girl will too!

This is the chest of drawers featured in my
first nursery post.
Looks pretty great in the nursery!

Closeup of the stuff on top. Baby pictures
of me and my husband and the first ultrasound
picture of our little blueberry!
My mom made the runner and
found the lamp. The jewelry box on
the right was mine as a little girl!

And last but not least, the curtains,
also sewn by my mom, the seamstress!
My husband had the idea to cut off
the bottom of the curtains over her crib
and use those strips of fabric to make the tiebacks.
He is so resourceful!
I got the vase next to the window
from IKEA for $5.99.

So there's our nursery! I hope you've
enjoyed this virtual tour. :)
We are expecting our little one
at the end of the week.
Obviously we are beyond excited!
I'm sure you will be seeing pictures of her soon thereafter!


  1. Love the crib bedding! The colors and design are fabulous. That crocheted piece really is precious. Blessings on all of you!

  2. Oh it looks so pretty! You did a nice job. I bet you can't wait to put a little baby in there.
    I love the name what a pretty little girl name.
    Blessings to you and your Mom.

  3. Such a cute nursery - what a special place for the little one:) I really like the color on the walls - do you know what it is called? And I love the baby's name - so pretty. Is it a family name? or just your favorite:) Can't wait to see her picture!!

  4. It is a very cute nursery, full personal touches from your family. I also like the color of the walls. I really like the name Ellison, it is very pretty! I wish you a very all the best!


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