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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

parties 3 and 4!

Yes, there were two more showers this past weekend!
Our daughter has been overwhelmed
with the kindness,generosity, and love demonstrated
to her, her hubby and their baby girl
during this special time.There are lots of pictures,
so I will keep the text short!

The party on Saturday was an office shower.
It was held at a local restaurant.
Everyone ordered lunch and dessert
was served afterward. Here is the table.
It was bright with the sun coming in,
but it was all pink and white!

The dessert was these cute cupcake rattles!
Adorable and delicious!

If you noticed the 3 pictures on the
table...one was a "mommy"
baby picture...

... a closer look...

...and one was a
"daddy" baby picture...

...and the third was the baby's sonogram picture!

This is the thoughtful friend who planned it all...

...and these are our sweet co-workers and
friends that attended.

There were tub things...

...and practical things...

...really cute things, and many other very nice things!

Yes, it is and we re ready for her to come!

Sunday, the young women from her church blessed
with a lovely get-together. They made sure she had a
comfortable chair and that it was decorated
with festive balloons!

There were beautiful and tasty cupcakes...

...and a yummy lunch!

An adorable outfit from "Nana", our SIL's mom.

A crocheted blanket from me...yellow
to match her nursery.
(There's a funny story about the blanket that
I will have to share later! :-)

And receiving blankets and onesies folded and put
together to look like cupcakes...with coffee filters
used as the cupcake liner! So cute and creative!

She received other sweet and practical gifts and
some useful advice from new moms in the group!
The young woman in the middle is the one who made
the "cupcakes" above.

I forgot to take a picture of the hostesses as a group,
but they are in the pictures!

Here is the cutest and youngest guest....

... and the two oldest! But, that's okay because we are
Nana and Gran!

Two wonderful and fun parties. Two days filled with
love, laughter and blessings!


  1. It looks like she should be all set up now. She just needs the baby to come and then she can have lots and lots of fun.
    You are so blessed to have so many friends.

  2. Showered with blessings! It looks like fun all around. Love all the cute ideas...the cupcake rattles and the onesie cupcakes.

  3. Wow! What wonderful friends to bless her with so many items! The pictures were really nice and I really like the idea of having framed photos of her and her hubby as children and the framed sonogram picture. Great idea! Enjoy your day!

  4. Still can't believe how much stuff we got AND how many thank you notes I have to write! :) Guess it will give me something to do once E comes...like I won't have enough!

  5. I love your blog! Its awesome!


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