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Saturday, October 1, 2011

baby party # 2

Twenty four years ago, you were a baby girl also
And I loved dressing you up from your head to your toes.
You were precious in pink and adorable in blue
Yellow, green, and white suited you, too.
There were hair bows (no headbands back then) and cute little shoes
And you had socks with ruffles and ribbons, too.

I know styles have changed...even baby girls are cool
But I know sometimes you like things
that are "old school".
So, open your gift and be surprised once more
For soon you'll be able to dress your little girl in clothes that were yours!

That's the poem I gave her with the first part
of my gift. She was surprised and very happy
that I had kept them!

This is part two...some new outfits.

This was one of the cutest gifts...a little tutu top
with leggings. She already had some little socks
that look like ballerina slippers. So, she now has
the complete ensemble:-)

This was from the baby's great grandmother.
She ordered it from a local lady who hand makes
beautiful baby items. This little "sac" came with
a burp cloth to match. Really sweet!

She said this was the gift that "kept on giving"!
It was mesh laundry hamper filled with all kinds
of useful things!

She received many more lovely gifts...these are just
a few. Again, folks were very kind and generous!
Mommy was very blessed!

Here's the lovely table...not so baby this time, but very feminine!

The cake was gorgeous! It was designed to match
the napkins. It looked like porcelain and it was
amazingly delicious...
rich and moist!

They used the colors of her nursery...

And served tasty refreshments!

These are the precious long-time friends and
sisters in Christ who hosted this special celebration.
They have known and loved the mommy-to-be
her entire life or much of it. They have always
been a part of the big events in her life.
She loves them all!

It was a wonderful day and such a blessing for me
to share it with my my sweet girl!

Doesn't she look happy? :-)


  1. It's so special that you saved some of your daughter's baby outfits! Your daughter is glowing with beauty!


  2. What beautiful pictures! Love the "sac" outfit. Those were my favorite when both my children were babies. So easy to use! The cake is beautiful! Hope you had a great weekend!

  3. She does look happy - and so pretty! She has that glow:) and its lovely! How special your gift of her clothes was...what a keepsake! When is the little one due to arrive:)

  4. Such beautiful gifts! And how special to have the dresses that were once her own. Love the cake!

  5. I LOVE your box of saved treasures passed on to dear grand daughter! And the poem!

    Your daughter in law is in my prayers...

    Blessings, Debbie


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