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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Last Friday, our grandboy came to visit
for the weekend.
He started PreK-4 the Monday before,
so we were anxious to hear about his week
and to have some serous play time!
Saturday morning, we met our daughter and SIL
at some friends' house to swim in their pool.

He had a great time!

It was a hot day, so back at our house,
we played inside where it was cool.
He loves to watch Curious George
on the portable DVD player and he is never far
from his bucket of cars and trucks!

We played Connect Four...

...and Guess Who. Somehow we missed
pictures of playdough
and later, when it was a tiny bit cooler,
blowing bubbles with me
and a game of whiffle ball with Chief and his uncle.

Sunday morning, it was off to church.
That was his first question
when he walked in the door Friday afternoon...
"Can I go to your church?"
It made a Gran's heart glad! :-)

We love that boy!


  1. Oh how very sweet that last photo of the two of you is...
    Fun times.

  2. What a sweet photo of the two of you! Oh how those grans can swell our hearts so fast:)

  3. So nice, my oldest grandson came over yesterday and as he came in the house, he said, Gama I really love coming to your house. It really does make you so happy inside doesn't it?
    Have a lovely weekend.


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