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Thursday, September 8, 2011

fun night at the ball park

A few Fridays ago, we went to another Braves game. Some friends got a BOGO deal on some tickets and invited us to go. The seats were on the club level.... which means you get some perks. Our seats were in the covered area, so you are in the shade and protected if it rains. To get to our seats, we went up an escalator, through some glass doors (where our tickets were checked) into a large air-conditioned corridor. Aha! This is where the good food is .....pasta, barbecue, steak sandwiches, even sushi! Comfortable places to sit, restrooms with NO LINES....it just kept getting better and better!

We arrived early, so we ate first.....

The guys had barbecue. They got all this for $9!
A hot dog and a coke is $10

The girls got pasta. A chef...tall hat and all...
cooked this to order for us...$8!

The walls are decorated with murals and
interesting facts about the history of the Braves.

The white doors below lead to private "boxes" that are
enclosed with glass and have a/c and the food
and drinks are served by waitstaff.
At $175 per person, don't think we will ever be sitting there!

We found our seats by going down a short hall off the corridor
through a door and back out in the heat...
and it was hot!
Before the game, these young people walked
and played from outfield to outfield along the base lines.
They got the crowd going!

Earlier in the year, the Braves won the 10,000 game
in their history.....quite a milestone. Not many
franchises have done that.
Not sure what the count is now, but....

...they added one more that night!

They have fireworks every Friday night, so we
stayed for that...and they were great!

It was a fun night...good company, good food, good seats,
good game! Go Braves!


  1. Sounds like a fun time, even though I'm tempted to razz the Braves...I guess I have no room for that since they're in second place and my Rockies are in 4th place in their division. (Yes, I just checked.)

    I have often looked up at the club level and longed to have those amenities at a game. Glad you were kept grounded by having to return to the non-air-conditioned seats. ;)

  2. Looked like a fantastic time!! Loved the pictures and how fun the trip sounded! My guys would really go for that!


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