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Friday, September 16, 2011

the hiccups

I got a text from my daughter last night who is 7 1/2 months pregnant. She said the baby had the hiccups for several minutes and her entire belly was
shaking! :-) That was pretty disruptive for her sweet mama.

We had a case of the hiccups this week...an unexpected event that changed our plans. Our DIL, who is expecting our 5th grandchild in April, was admitted to the hospital last Sunday. She was having these "spells"....a little like passing out, except.... she knew what was going on but could not move. At first, they thought she was fainting because her potassium was low, then they thought she was having seizures because her heart was actually stopping for 11 seconds. So, on Monday, they rushed her (well, not really! It took them 4 hours to make arrangements and transfer her 30 miles!) to a nearby hospital that has a highly respected heart center. The plan was for her to get a pacemaker. At midnight, the doctor there said, "I think we may be rushing things. Let's slow down and do some more tests before we do anything as drastic as a pacemaker." They did their tests, talked about possible bed rest (6 months...that would be very hard!), then they decided to try a drug. It seems to be making her heart behave, but (as always!) there are side effects...headaches and nausea. Of course, she would rather live with that than have surgery. After observing her for two days, they sent her home today with a heart monitor to continue to keep track of how she is doing.

My son was getting a little frustrated with all the "guessing" by the doctors, but I had many praying for the doctors to have wisdom...I believe that's why they kept pursuing an answer and that resulted in a change in their plan of treatment

So, now to our "hiccup". Hubby picked up the grandboy on Monday afternoon so our son and her parents could be with her. He spent two nights with us. I already had a trip to Tenn planned to keep our grandgirls for a couple of days while our other son was on a business trip. Tues night, the Hubby decided he would go with me and we would take the boy with us. With things still up in the air, we felt that keeping him was the most helpful thing we could do. So, since Wed, we have been taking care of all three of the grands. We are back home now....and all three came home with us! The boy has gone home ...the girls will be here until Sunday when they will go back home with their dad who is coming here after attending a UGA football game on Saturday.

We are so very grateful that our DIL is doing better and are hopeful that the meds are the answer. We are also thankful for all the prayers that were lifted up for her. God certainly showed Himself strong on her behalf. We were also happy to have a week with our grands and to be able to help out until the "hiccups" were over! :-)


  1. We will continue to pray.. don't forget to keep us posted on how she's doing. It's so good to serve a God who is trustworthy in trying times!

    Blessings, Debbie

  2. Wow your hands are so full, I will keep you in my prayers.
    Yep, God does allow hiccups sometimes in our lives. It is so nice that you were able to help your kids like you did though. I am sure your grand children were so happy to get to all be together at their grammy's house.
    Take care,

  3. That was a big hiccup, handled with love and grace that only wonderful grandparents can give! Prayers are with all. Pleaes keep us updated!

  4. You do have your hands full! So glad the doctors waited before doing the surgery. I hope all is well!

  5. Certainly will be praying that the medicine will take care of your DIL...and that growing little one! How special that you were able to spend that time with all the grand ones - that was a hiccup with a blessing:)

    Hugs to your DIL -

  6. Oh dear...what a stressful time for you all. How wonderful to be surrounded by praying friends at times like these! Will pray that all goes well with your DIL over these next months.


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