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Sunday, October 17, 2010

fair weather

Our state's National Fair is held every year just a few miles down the road in the next town south of us. It was this past week. Our son from TN was here for the weekend so he, J, and I went Sat night. The weather was perfect...just cool enough for a light jacket......fair weather!
We weren't interested in the rides, but there were lots of other things to do and see.

Pretty flowers.....really pretty flowers!

There were horses.......beautiful horses......some being ridden and some pulling wagons and carts. These won first place in this group.

This was scary......while the wagon was turning to line up with the others, the horse started to stagger and then he just went down. Several people ran to help and once they got all the harnesses and belts off of him, he stood up and was able to walk out of the arena. They announced later that he was fine and we were grateful to hear that.

There were lots of rabbits... black ones with really sweet faces and...

white ones with really sweet faces........and about 50 more!!

There were milking demonstrations. I love jersey cows......they have sweet faces, too!

There were pigs, I mean HOGS! When we walked in, J said "Do you smell the bacon?" I smelled something, but it definitely wasn't bacon! If you've never smelled a pig pen, it is awful....really stinky!!

There were antiques in lovely displays.

And so many gorgeous quilts... it was hard to decide which one to post. I chose this because it looked "fallish"!

There were antique (well, it's about my age, so I will say vintage! ha! ha!) cars. This is a 1954 corvette. The guys were liking that ride!

I made a new friend at the scarecrow display. She was a celebrity...notice the red second place ribbon! Last year, there were about a dozen. This year there were probably 50.....competition has evidently gotten more popular.

We finished the night by eating Granny's Apple Dumplings and watching fireworks. It was a fun night. We've been going since it started 21 years ago, so we have some happy memories of our visits there... Sat night was another one!
Next post is 100....stay tuned for the give away!! :-)


  1. That certainly does look like a great way to spend an evening - we have never been to our state fair..I wonder if it is so interesting?? I love the quilts, the flowers! and the jersey cows:) Early congrats on that 100th post!! Cool:)

  2. Looks like a great time! Love all those flowers. How beautiful! And so sad about the horse. Glad he's okay. The quilt is absolutely stunning. Would love to have seen that one in person! And yes, it looks fallish! My favorite season!

  3. A great time!! Thanks for sharing all the fun stuff.

  4. Siigh... there's nothing like fairs in the fall time. Gorgeous flowers!

  5. Oh I love a county fair! A few years back, they changed ours to the spring. There is just something special about a fall fair! Loved all the pictures. Looked like a wonderful time.

  6. I love an old fashioned fair. The closest one to me is a couple of hours away. We used to go every fall to a small county fair when I was little, and had so much fun. Looks like you had a great time. Jackie

  7. Seeing the pictures of the flowers and knowing that it was you posting them instantly brought me back to our family's first (and pretty much only) camping trip and the Hiawasee fair. It was in the horticulture section that you were pushing your sweet girl's stroller and I was trying to get a brochure away from her because she was eating it. Hard to believe it was that long ago. Thanks to you and Mr. J for being brave enough to invite such inexperienced folks along.


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