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Thursday, October 28, 2010


When we bought our house in 1976, the appliances were coppertone.....of course......and I thought they were WONDERFUL! We have replaced those a couple of times over the years. However, we had never changed the range hood. Funny, it never occurred to me! But about 2 years ago, we replaced the vinyl with wood laminate flooring and purchased new countertops. As I looked around, I realized our appliances were all ivory and black, but we still had a coppertone range hood. Why had I not noticed that before? Anyway, I talked my Hubby into taking it down and painting it black. He thought it was a terrible idea, but he did it and liked it when it was done. One of these days, he's going to learn to trust me! ha!ha!
Now, the real story! There is an exhaust tube from the range hood to the ceiling which, of course goes through the roof. The tube (the part you can see) is covered with a wooden box. The previous owners had covered the box with a brick looking material so it looked like a chimney. I liked it..... it fit with the country look of our house. Well, when we took the range hood down, the "brick stuff" started to come down in pieces. We have been looking for something to replace it with no success. Real brick or ceramic brick would be too heavy and brick vinyl, that, at one time, was so popular, is now non-existent! Recently, I finally found some brick looking vinyl stick on tiles. So, last Friday, we put them up. They look nice. I don't like the look as much as the brick, but it is better than the torn up stuff! :-)
Last night, I was here alone 'cause the hubby was working. Several times, I heard a noise that I could not explain. I thought maybe it was acorns falling or squirrels running on the roof, but it sounded like it was in the house. About 10pm, I heard it again... a little louder this time. I decided I was going to solve this mystery. I walked into the kitchen and looked up. Yep, that was it........ our tiles were falling off one by one! I started to laugh and then I thought..."Yea, I thought that job was too easy." Hubby is going to fix it with a little glue. Kind of funny to think the other stuff lasted 34+ years, our lasted 5 days!!

Here are some pictures so you can see the before and after... and the later after! :-)

Here is the original brick look.....the front still looked pretty good, the sides were torn.

The new look.....

The "chimney" with the range hood....the finished project!

The unfinished project! ha!ha! Soon it will be finished again....maybe tomorrow!

I'm headed to TN tomorrow with our younger son and his family to visit our other son and his girls until Monday. Looking forward to having the 3 grands together ..... that is always lively! I'm also hoping to see some fall colors since we'll be traveling toward the mountains. I should have some pictures to share next week. Hope you all have a wonderfully blessed weekend!


  1. Love the black hood! Did you consider just painting the chimney black?

    Have a great trip to Tennessee! Sounds so far away for this western gal.

    Thanks for sharing your home improvement story. When things like that happen to us, I feel like, "Are we the only incompetent people around?!"

  2. I like the brick too. I can see why you never noticed, I might not have either. You have a wonderful time with your grandchildren and your kids. It sounds like a wonderful time. I am looking forward to your pictures. Have a safe trip.
    It tickled me to think of you hearing something and it was the tiles falling off one by one. Funny how things like that happen.
    Sounds like something I might have done.

    I hope the leaves are beautiful.

  3. I just read your sweet comment thanks, it has been a joy getting to know you too. I knew I would like you the first time I stopped by and you had a picture of a sunflower and you read Mitford. Great minds. :)
    I wanted to say, we don't have much of a choice either, I mean Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer??? Yuck! We have to get them out even if Micky Mouse was running. I hate when elections are like that. :)
    I hope I don't offend you, I just think Nancy Pelosi is the most dangerous woman on earth. I will stop now, but God still is in control.
    Have a lovely time.

  4. Funny story! Home improvement is never completely done...that we know.

    Have a fun weekend. Enjoy those grands...and all the fall colours!

  5. I really like the new black...and what an easy fix:) Hope you are having a wonderful time in Tennessee - definitely should see some pretty colors there!

  6. Have a great time. I know the kids will enjoy each other! Love that you are able to get some projects done even with hubby's work schedule. See you next weekend - hopefully.

  7. It does seem like one proect leads to another! I love the look of brick in the kitchen. Have a wonderful trip to Tennessee.

  8. Wow, you must have been surprised! My dogs would have been going nuts and thinking the world was coming to an end, lol! But I like the new look, it's pretty!

    Oh, and great idea about sticking some in the freezer. That never occurred to me!

  9. Funny Story ... all part of the story of your house... it's great to be able to live in a house for so long and hear the walls tell tales of all the going ons over the years. Have awonderful trip!


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