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Saturday, May 31, 2014

a colorful welcome

After two weeks in Tenn, I walked back through
 this door today!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to spend such a special
time with our son's family. It was so sweet to be able to help
and to get to know our new little grandson.
I whispered, "Gran loves you!"over and over in his ear.
Since I am not sure when I will see him again, 
I am hoping he will remember my voice.
I know, I know...he's only a week old, but a Gran
can hope, can't she?

 Hubby did a good job of holding down the fort!
Our flowers, bushes and plants are looking
colorful and healthy.

I ran around snapping pics just as a rain shower started!
It didn't last long, but it made the air smell so fresh.

Aren't you glad God made colors? 
I think it was one of His best ideas!
I've probably said this before, but our hydrangea grew from
a cutting from Hubby's grandad's bush.
So, it is very special to us and I love the shade of blue!

This pretty little stuff comes back every year...bigger!
It fills in an empty place by our patio.
I can't for the life of me remember it's name, but I'm sure glad
I bought it three years ago!

We bought our house from the Thompson's back in 1976.
They planted a single row of day lilies in our front yard.
They bless us with their bright yellow arrival every May!
They're like a gift from the former owners. :-)

I got a little teary when it was time to leave our 
Little H, but as Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) said,
"There's no place like home!"
And, God's rainbow of colors welcomed me
beautifully! :-)


  1. i so agree there is no place like home... and that God creating color was a fantastic idea. while doing my trek around the pool for exercise yesterday, i stared at all the color in the yard and thought most flowers come in the primary color group in our yard.... your plants are wonderful and i know you loved every second with the new baby and family. welcome home

  2. Hopefully you'll be able to see Little H soon. {{hug}}

  3. There's no place like home and everything there is beautiful!!

  4. So nice to be able to help out and whisper in ears and so nice to return home, too. I am glad that God created so much beautiful color in our world.

  5. What a cheery welcome home! Congrats on the arrival of your precious grandson!

  6. Welcome Home!!!! Congrats again on the birth of your new grandbaby. Looks like hubby did a great job at home. Your flowers are awesome. I love Hydrangea blooms...


  7. True, there is no place like home. Your flowers are so beautiful. I can only imagine how hard it was to leave.


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