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Thursday, May 29, 2014

news from Tenn

Well, it has been a sweet visit here in Tenn!
Our Little H was born on the 21st and came home
on the 23rd. His sisters and I decided to put
balloons on the mailbox to welcome him home!!

On Monday, my son decided to tackle a project that
had been waiting for a while.
They bought this table at a used furniture store.
The plan was to paint it and use it as a breakfast table 
in their kitchen.
I got before pictures...after he had taken it apart...

It's an Ethan Allen and they only paid $25!!

Brand name chalk (not chalkboard) paint can be expensive,
 but we learned a while back that you can make
 your own with paint, water, and plaster of paris. 
So that's what he did.
I told him I would help, but I really just
 cheered him on and took photos!
Truthfully, it was a one person job. :-)

It goes on quick and easy, but the first coat looks streaky...
instructions warned us about that.

But, the second coat was smooth and the third...flawless! 
And it dries fast, so it only took a couple of hours to complete.

It looks great with their bench seating and the color matches 
a piece of artwork on their wall...
and, no, I didn't think to get a picture of that!
He was so happy to get it done, in the kitchen,
and out of the garage!

When I was expecting Little H's dad 35 years ago,
my mom made several receiving blankets for him.
They were soft and she crocheted
around the edges. I managed to keep one of them and
gave to Little H at the hospital.
Here he is, wrapped in it sleeping in his bassinet.
I know my mom would be so pleased to know that her
great grandchild was using something she so lovingly made.

It makes my heart glad, too!

Thanks for all your well wishes and compliments...
you are faithful friends!
I will be headed home on Sat...
more from the home-front soon!


  1. How wonderful that you can travel and help out with the new little guy. Those old receiving blankets are the best!

  2. Your son did a great job of the table, it looks very nice. Good buy on it too. What a wonderful, heart touching thing for your sweet little H to be wrapped in the blanket your mom made for his dad. Enjoy the remainder of your time with your sweet ones and have a safe trip home. Hugs!

  3. I love that you saved a receiving blanket that your mom made ... Isn't it special when we can hand down something handmade from one generation to the next? My mom made a small quilt for us girls when we were babies and gave it to my daughter to use with her babies. It is about to fall apart, but it just made my heart smile to see it used by another generation.

  4. Congrats on the new grandson... He's adorable... Love the little blanket... AND---his sisters seem so excited... I had 3 children --and wanted a girl especially the 3rd time... BUT--God blessed me with 3 sons...

    I did smile when thinking about the 'poor little guy'... He won't have a chance with two BIG SISTERS.. ha ha ha


  5. How sweet to be able to pass down the baby blanket to the next generation :) Wishing you safe travels, as you head home.

  6. soooo much joy!! i love the table and the little one too!! have a wonderful weekend!!!


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