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Thursday, May 1, 2014

inside and out

Yesterday, our dishwasher was full to the brim.
Hubby turned it on and....nothing! It was dead!
Hopefully, he will be able to fix it...
it's only a couple of years old.
But, in the mean time, we had a bunch of dirty dishes!
Last night, while I watched the Braves get pounded
by the Marlins, he did this...

What a guy!!!

Our neighbor's ditch is filled with these...

I know they're weeds, but they're still pretty!

Our Hydrangea came back beautifully...

And it looks like it is going to be loaded with blooms!

The hedge (more like trees,...which is the way I like it!)
on the far side of our house is blooming...

I love the way it looks...the white against the green!
It smells heavenly, too!
I wish I knew what it's called. Any ideas?
I am headed out of town tomorrow morning for a
get-away with a friend.
I see a weekend of antique shops, arts and crafts, tasty food
in small town restaurants and a comfy hotel room 
awaiting me!
Hope you have some happy things in your weekend
 to look forward to, too! :-)


  1. Your hubby is a keeper for sure! Katie and I are looking forward to staying put in one place for tomorrow and Saturday nights! Have a fun getaway!

  2. Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend planned... I'm sure you will have a great time.

    Hope you can get the dishwasher fixed... That was nice of hubby to wash/dry the dishes...

    Yes, it looks like your Hydrangea is going to be gorgeous...

    Have a wonderful trip.

  3. That was very nice of your hubby to do the dishes. Hope he can fix your dishwasher too. It is lovely around your place with all the beautiful blooms. Have a great weekend sweet Debbie. Hugs!

  4. The dandelion I recognize, but not the purple weed. Too pretty to be called a weed. ha! My hydrangea isn't doing very well ... the last I checked there was a little bit of green coming up ... but all of last year's growth was dead. I guess that means no blooms again this year? Grrrr

  5. enjoy your week end away... mother had that stuff that smells good, but i can't remember the name of it... she had hydrangeas also.. love all the spring flowers.

  6. I need to go check on my hydrangea. Can't believe I use to dislike the plant - so beautiful with its large green leaves and the lovely blooms!

  7. So beautiful! I want to plant some hydrangeas here but haven't quite gotten there yet. :-) One of these days.


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