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Friday, May 9, 2014

our little visitor

If you've been wondering why I haven't
 been around much this week,
here's your answer...

Little L has been with us this week while
 her mom was in the hospital.

She has kept us on our toes...
and she has kept us laughing!

This is what she does when she doesn't want to
hear what you are saying! :-)

They say you don't know someone until 
you live with them.
Well, we have learned that she is a very picky eater, but
a good sleeper. She does love bananas, milk, and
bubbles in her bath!
She says" thank you" and "your welcome"
and "light off" when she wants you to turn the light "on".
She likes helping Chief with his outdoor chores
and swinging on our front porch swing.
She doesn't give many kisses, but she will let you take them!

She will be going home tomorrow morning
and it will be very quiet around here.
She has been a joy and we are grateful
 for the treat of having her all to ourselves! :-)


  1. Your little visitor is adorable! What a sweetie! Nothing is quieter than a house where a little one has been.

  2. A great way to really get to know her. Time to put your feet up for a while now...

  3. Debbie, she is such a pretty little girl! She is so blessed to have such great grandparents. I know you'll miss her, but I bet she'll miss y'all too! Oh, I was hoping to see the quilt you've been working on before you give it!

  4. Well that is the best reason not to be blogging. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with her......

  5. Awww...good times! Great for grandparents to get a nice dose of caring for little ones and then send them home. Glad you had a chance to "get to know her"!

  6. I'm sure you enjoyed your granddaughter. What a Cutie. Hope your daughter is okay.

    A Happy Mother's Day to you... Hope today is a wonderful day. I'm sure it will be..

    I am improving with each passing day from my surgery --but the weekend was NOT a 'piece of cake' for me.... Oh Well... Keeps me honest, I guess... ha ha


  7. awwww she's so sweet!!! you got some really cute pictures of her!!!


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