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Monday, June 2, 2014

beans, tomatoes, and peppers...oh my!

I've talked about our yard being shady...
and we like it that way!
But, there is one spot in our backyard, where we
had to cut a tree down, that gets sun most of the day.
So, that's where Hubby plants his little garden.

These are blue lake green beans...

up close!
He picked a handful of beans yesterday...
it might be  a while before we have enough to cook!

His better boy tomato plants all "caged up"!

Can't wait to have some fresh ones for BLT's!!

This is one of the Cayenne Pepper plants. He canned 20 or more pints
last year. He and our son have thoroughly enjoyed them.
Hope these plants are as productive!

He enjoys piddling in his garden and with a layer of dried leaves
on the ground, he doesn't have to do much weeding.
His plan is to do a lot of harvesting!! :-)


  1. Now I'm craving a BLT! I've got tomatoes and bacon and I'm home alone so I just might cave to my craving!

  2. It looks very nice and I bet you are looking forward to lots of good eating coming out of that garden. It is very pretty.

  3. What a nice garden! We have a little bitty tomato on one of our plants ... it'll be a while before we can slice it for a BLT. ;-)

  4. It all looks great! I hope you keep us posted!

  5. that's my plan as well!! i hope we both do well.....blt's are my favorites!!


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