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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

a fair day

Hubby and I went down the road this afternoon to Perry, Ga...home of the Georgia National Fair. So, St Marten will have to wait! This is the 24th year of the fair. The fairgrounds (which are immaculate and attractive) were built and the first fair was held during the administration of Gov Joe Frank Harris. There is a bust of him in the center of the property.

I liked what the plaque said about his faith.

There are thousands of items that are entered in various
competitions...all hoping for a ribbon.
Here are just a few:

cake decorating


(that's made with chicken wire!)

 and quilting

There are also jams and jellies
 (and anything else you can "can")
 I told Hubby he should have entered his peppers!
While we were there, they had a chili cook-off
and a chicken appetizer competition.

Folks also enter their collections...

There's even a scarecrow competition...
this was my favorite!
I think that's Uncle Si, from Duck Dynasty, behind me.
His beard was steel wool!

They do a nice job making the grounds pretty...

Of course, there are rides on the midway, but this is as close
as we got to them...

There are pedal boats in the lake and a sky lift over it .

And there are free shows like this one with Sea Lions

 and this one with professional high divers...

Yes, I said HIGH divers! He is 70 feet above the water!

There's a petting zoo and a circus (also free)
 and unique opportunities

Yep, there really was a camel!

Of course, the farm animals are judged...horses, cows,
goats, pigs, sheep, rabbits.
But they come at different times during the eleven day fair
and leave after their events are over.
Evidently we went during the in-between, because there 
weren't many animals to be seen.

The fair is a great event for the middle Georgia area.
It is a fall tradition that draws almost 1/2 million visitors every year.
And the grounds are used year round as a venue for
other events...horse shows, rodeos, concerts. RV rallies,
old book sales, etc.

The clock tower stands in the middle of the fairgrounds
It is a great place to meet friends and family if you're
coming at different times because it can be seen from anywhere
on the grounds and it is a marker for giving directions.

That tower gave me comfort when our kids were small.
They knew, if they ever got separated from us,
they were to go there....and we would come there to find them.
It never happened, but it was nice to know the tower was there
to go to if we needed it! 

We had fun today and came home tired...
that's what I call a "fair" day! :-)


  1. What fun! Thanks for taking us along. ;-) Interesting time of year for the state fair. Here in the Midwest, state fairs are held in the summer.

  2. I would love seeing all that talent displayed, but the sea lions win in my favorites and the camel...

  3. WoW, what a great fair!! i have never been to one with such variety!!

    i read what kathy wrote and it's so true but this is a much better time of year, weather wise, to have an event like this. it's always so hot in the summer!!

  4. Hi Debbie, Looks like a great fair. I was impressed with the cake decorating and with the art made with chicken wire. I'm sure you all had a good time...


  5. That looks like a real fall fair (well, except the camel!). Fun! Our local fall fair is always held mid-August.

  6. I know where Perry is and that giant peach! Love fairs too. look like you had fun.

  7. It is so much fun to watch little ones play in sports. They are all so cute! Nice pictures of you with the scarecrow and pumpkins. That looks like a fun place. Hugs


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