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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the birthday girl

 Twenty six years ago on a Friday afternoon,
 our daughter was born. 
By the time she came along, they were doing sonograms 
and telling expectant moms whether they were
 having a boy or girl. But since we had to "wait to see"
 with our two boys, we decided to
be surprised. And SURPRISED we were!
I could hardly believe my ears, when the doctor said,
"You have a little girl!"
My throat choked up, my eyes filled with tears 
and I could not speak for a moment.
When I could, my first words were...
"Praise the Lord!"
I have been praising Him for her ever since!

 She has been a joy and delight.  
She has brought us to tears...
with her humor and with her beautiful singing.

She has made us proud with her accomplishments
and her excellent choices.

She works hard, plays with enthusiasm,
serves with a loving heart, gives generously,
loves genuinely and is always up for an adventure!

She loves her Lord, her family, the beach, good coffee,
most anything chocolate (especially M&M's!),
pretty dresses, a good pair of jeans, all kinds of shoes
 (except flip flops!),
fried shrimp, chicken parmigiana, a good steak, and diet coke.
She loves to sing, ride horses, watch movies, bake bread,
 be creative...on the computer or with her hands,
 and to make people laugh!

I am so grateful God chose to bless us with her!
I am also grateful that Jesus lives in her heart
and that she loves Him first...above all else!
We were the first to love her, but now she is loved by many!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! 
I love you very much!


  1. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Love that last photo of the two of you... She gets her beauty from her mother.

  2. Happy Birthday from Florida...

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter. I love that last picture ... two very beautiful women!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. Hope she has a wonderful day! My children are older and they wouldn't even let me see the screen of the ultrasound. I still believe couples should wait!

  5. Ahhh....happy birthday to your sweet girl. We were surprised by our little girl after 2 sons. Fun times...

  6. Beatuiful post for a beautiful girl! We had the opposite.. two girls and then a boy!

  7. What a great gift you got...in your lovely daughter! We also had two boys...then a girl.


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