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Monday, March 11, 2013

Re-Do #2

OK, furniture Re-Do #2 is done! 
This was the bottom half of my old china cabinet. 
If you remember, our daughter took the top half,
 turned it upside down and is using it as a TV stand.  
I was really planning to get rid of the bottom,
 but then I had a thought.
 So, I (well, the Hubby helped!) took off the
 doors and the hardware...

 ...I sanded it, put two coats of paint and two coats
of polyurethane on it and Hubby put new knobs
on the drawers and made a shelf.
The result...

Voila!! A sofa table!!

As the guy on Duck Dynasty says...
"Happy, happy, happy!"
Happy that it is DONE!!

Next time, Re-Do #3


  1. it turned out amazing, I love it and like it better than it was originally. very creative use for both pieces. can't wait for re do 3

  2. That is a very nice transformation! Love it!

  3. Very nice, Debbie. You are so gifted... Don't think I would ever try that!!!! It looks GREAT.

  4. Great job, I love what you did with it!

  5. Gorgeous!! My vision would have stopped with the spindle-front doors, but you saw beyond those and made a beautiful piece.

  6. Wow, that looks wonderful. And the baskets on the bottom shelves are just perfect with the new paint job.


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