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Friday, March 8, 2013

one page at a time

 A while back, my daughter told me about the
 "book page" wreaths she found on Pinterest.
I liked the look and felt sure, after reading the tutorial,
 that I could probably make one.
A few weeks later, Judy received one for her birthday
 and (on January 23rd) posted pictures of it.

That inspired me to go for it! So, about two weeks ago
I bought the chipboard wreath at Michael's
and a book at the Dollar Tree. I used a box cutter to cut 
the pages out of the book. Then I cut one side of the page with a pair of scrapbooking scissors to get a scalloped edge.
Next, I folded the pages (one at a time) and
 hot glued them on the wreath...
starting on the outside edge and working to the middle.
I worked a little at a time, when I had time,
and this morning....voila!
I finished it!

I like the result! It took a little time but it cost less than $5!
Now, I just have to decide for sure
 where it's going to hang.:-)


  1. How pretty! Sounds pretty easy, too. And the price is certainly right. Thanks for sharing that. I need a new wreath. ;-)

  2. it is beautiful, i first saw these when Ann at SnapEditScrap made one...

  3. It turned out beautifully! Looking forward to seeing where you hang it.

  4. Oh it is fantastic!!! I just love it. I have seen those but I thought they looked to hard for me. Not to mention the tearing out the pages. My hearts stops. :)
    I hope you find a really incredible place for it.


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