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Monday, March 25, 2013

Re-Do # 4

Our home was built in1954. So, as you probably know,
 that means the closets were small. When the hubby and I
 moved in (1976),... since it was just the two of us...
 that didn't really matter so much
But, then the children came along
 and the closets filled up fast!
So, we bought an old oak wardrobe for Hubby
 to hang his clothes in. (Notice who got the closet!)
After about ten years, we added a master bathroom
 and a walk-in closet. I was debating what to do
 with the wardrobe, when it occurred to me 
 that we could use it as a food pantry
 (to replace the small one I talked about in the re-do #3 post). 
So, Hubby took the centers out of the doors
replaced them with chicken wire, and added shelves.
This is what it looked like:

 It served us well in that capacity for another 15 years. 
Part of our recent remodel was adding a pantry, so once again
this piece of furniture was obsolete. 
I was on the verge of selling it, when I decided it would make 
a nice cabinet to store DVDs, videos, and games.
So, once again, Hubby re-did the doors. This time,
he removed the wire and replaced it with bead board.
I sanded it and used a stain/polyurethane combo
to make it black to match the coffee and sofa tables.
Voila...the finished product!

I won't talk about the pain and suffering that the process
caused me...I'll just say I am pleased with the result! :-)


  1. Even more beautiful in person!!!! Love it!

  2. Well you should be pleased with the result. It's beautiful!

  3. As well you should be ... it's beautiful. You are so creative!

  4. hubby gets A plus, i love the last recycle better than the first recycle. i found out this week, this is not called recycle, it is called UP cycling... recycle is melting it down and making something else, upcycle is what you do taking something and making it serve another purpose.

  5. Looks like it came out perfect! Great idea to keep it and reuse it.

  6. Very nice, Debbie.... Glad you like it too...


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