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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

the queen is here

A while back, I posted about us shopping
 for a new bedroom suite.
After 39 years of sleeping in a double bed, we were
"moving on up" to a queen.
Well, we finally found one we both liked and it was
delivered last weekend while I was in Tenn.

We had to take down some wall decor because the
headboard was higher and the dresser was taller. 
I still have to rehang or replace those.

 But, here is a look...
we are very happy with it. We like the style and the 
color of the wood. It actually matches the ceiling fan,
which was not a consideration on our part, but
it's nice that it turned out that way.

It is made by Bassett. One of the things we liked about it
is that it is made in the USA by a family company...which is unusual these days. Most wooden furniture is made overseas.
When they delivered it, there was a sticker on the
mirror that said they donate trees to replace all those
they use to make furniture.
 That's responsible of them and nice to know, too.
All in all, a great purchase...something we love from an
 American  manufacturer who cares about the environment!
Oh, and it is very comfortable, too! :-)


  1. the dresser is beautiful and woo hoo on more room. we have a dual king and have had for 26 of our 27 years. i can't stand to be touched while i am sleeping, so it was that or twin beds. congrats on new furniture and made in the USA

  2. It is lovely and it's about time you move into a queen bed!

  3. That looks real nice and comfortable, too! Enjoy...

  4. It looks great...and comfortable to boot! Enjoy.

  5. I love that bedroom furniture. It's beautiful!

    I ran into the same problem when our headboard was delivered last week - it was taller than our previous headboard, so our pictures were too low. I just moved them up 4-5 inches.

    Our last wood furniture was our kitchen table and chairs, and it was from Bassett ... I didn't know all that before we bought the furniture ... I chose the set that I liked (color, style, etc.) ... but in hindsight, I was glad that we chose to buy Bassett and will definitely look for Bassett furniture in the future.

  6. about 10 years ago we up'ed to a king....it's very nice!!

    looks like a pretty set!!

  7. Love the old look to the new dresser! So happy for you two to have your queen. In a few weeks you'll be asking how did we stay in a double for so long. Of course, I'm in a double, but minus hubby. He sleeps in his king in his room and I in my double in mine. We still love each other very much, but it's just better for us - my wiggling and snoring and getting up a few times at night doesn't disturb my light sleeper now.

  8. Thanks for stopping over. I wish I could comment back but you are a no-reply :'(
    I have two more posts coming soon!

  9. Nice big bed. My hub and I are thinking of getting a king now days. We like lots of room. I just joined you. Will you please join me? I found you on my sister's site, Mary with merrydotdandy. Most of the ppl that commented today also follow me and visa versa, but you and a couple others... so I am shamelessly bidding for you, too.

  10. i know i have already commented but i just noticed the title....i missed it the first time. very cool title!!

  11. Oh Thank YOU for joining me! btw, were you aware that your site doesn't link back to you when you join a site (ok?). It helps in getting to a person that joins you. just fyi.

  12. Oh - these are your grandkids! cool! and ...that something we have in common, too. :D


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