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Monday, September 3, 2012

pre-labor day labor

Saturday, the Hubby and I spent the afternoon at our daughter
 and son-in-law's house. They bought it (their first house!)
 in May. It is an older home, so it needed some repairs and some"sprucing up". They have installed a ceiling fan and some light fixtures and painted their bedroom.

A few weeks ago, she decided she was ready to tackle the 
kitchen. She started with the cabinets. She sanded and painted
(top white, bottom black) and replaced hardware. Her new
counter tops will tie the black/white together. They look great!

She decided to leave the doors off this one...and paint the inside this lovely aqua color to show off her pretty white dishes and crystal. Doesn't it look nice?

Saturday, the two hubbies installed a microwave
with an exhaust fan over the stove.
First, they had to remove part of the cabinet.

 Then after wiring, mounting brackets,
 and numerous trips into the attic...
it was time to put it in place!

Ta-Dah! The finished product!

All the while, the lady of the house was painting the walls!
( a lighter shade of the aqua in the cabinets)

My responsibility...
was keeping this little one happy...
and from getting stepped on!

I think I had the best job!

What do you think?

P.S. We tried the Frosty recipe. We had it in the freezer almost four hours and it was milkshake consistency. I'm not sure I would say it taste "exactly" like it, but it was pretty tasty! Our girl loves Frostys and she was impressed...so that says a lot!


  1. You did have the best job for sure. I like the doors off with the aqua inside the cupboards. Very nice...

  2. You definitely had the best job! ;-) I love the look of painted cabinets (our cabinets are in good condition, but the wood tone wasn't what I would have chosen ... so at some point, I'll probably paint the cabinets) ... and I really like the open cabinets ... with the aqua inside!

  3. Yes, you definitely had the BEST job of all. I admire young couples for buying older homes and renovating them.. That is AWESOME. I know you are proud of them.


  4. looks like you got to help and have fun doing it. i love the dishes in the open cabinet. her kitchen will be beautiful.

  5. Love the china cabinet! I like your kind of pre-labor day labor.


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