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Thursday, September 13, 2012

lots of nature

Are you familiar with the "Little House" series of books
 by Laura Ingalls Wilder?
There's Little House in the Big Woods
Little House on the Prairie...
well, this is the Little House on the Mountain!!

 We had a lovely shaded site right on the lake
at Fort Mountain State Park.
Notice the little bit of color in the trees.

Love the sunshine in the trees
lining the road through the campground.

 Everything was lush and green.
Most of the plants there bloom in late spring and early summer,
but there were a few things "showing off"!

 Even the toadstool was pretty!

 Due to the drought here in Georgia, there wasn't
 much water cascading, but it was still nice to look at.

A little creek wound its way through
 the woods to the lake.

There were breathtaking scenic overlooks
that, well, took our breath away!!

This bridge along the path led us to
 some great adventures.

More about that next time!


  1. I read all those books in elementary school. I think it's time to re-visit them. Your sight looks ideal. All the photos are lovely. Glad you had a good time!

  2. i like your little house in the woods, i love woods and trees and trails and this looks like a place i would love to wander in.

  3. Envious! I've got to visit me some N GA mountains some time this year!

  4. Loved those books...and your little trip back to the Little House on the Mountain! A beautiful spot.

  5. What a toad stool!!! They do not have those in the woods here...hahahahaha....we each have our areas of the woods.


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